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11 Reasons You Need a Virtual Assistant

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By Brian Farris   |    February 8, 2022   |    5:31 PM

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant? We Can Think of a Few Reasons!

Running a startup is a tough job, and there’s never a shortage of tasks that need to be completed. It’d be great to get all of those sidelined projects underway, but who’s going to handle it all?

That’s where a virtual assistant (VA) comes in. These professionals help you manage your busy day, and their return on investment is excellent. But, if you need some more convincing as to why hiring a virtual assistant is an smart business decision, keep reading. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, consider hiring a virtual assistant.

1. You don’t have time to focus on your core competencies

Unless your greatest talent and passion in life is invoicing, it’s highly unlikely that your time is best spent on office management tasks. You founded a startup, and it’s your job to grow the business. A virtual assistant can clear up your schedule and handle the admin side of things, giving you time to focus on what you do best.

2. Your stress is impacting the bigger picture

When our to-do lists are seemingly miles long it can be downright impossible to focus. If feelings of constant overwhelm are negatively impacting your startup, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant.

3. There’s no time to train new hires

Many virtual assistants work through agencies. Agency-hired VA’s will already be trained in office management, marketing, and other areas of expertise. You’ll need to spend some time getting a new virtual assistant acclimated to the way you do business, but they’ll also be capable of working autonomously very quickly.

4. You don’t have time to follow up

Have you ever burned bridges with a potential business contact because you didn’t follow up after an initial meeting? Would you love to check in on customers after they make a purchase, but don’t have the time? A virtual assistant can follow up with customers, business contacts, and other important people so that the lines of communication are always open.

5. You’re working nights and weekends

If you’re so busy that there’s no distinction between your work life and your personal life, you need a virtual assistant.

6. Your creativity is suffering

If you want to grow your startup in new and exciting ways, creativity is incredibly important. But you also need time and mental energy to effectively tap into your creative side. If you feel your creativity dwindling, consider hiring a virtual assistant who can free up time in your schedule.

7. Your schedule is a disaster

Speaking of schedules, how does yours look? If your calendar isn’t up to date a virtual assistant can solve that pesky problem by managing your schedule. VA’s can handle your schedule, schedule and confirm meetings, and more.

8. Researching is taking time away from completing projects

With a virtual assistant, you’ll never have to worry about finding time to research a new idea.

9. You regularly ignore your phone calls

Let a virtual assistant handle any incoming phone calls that you receive. Your startup will immediately appear more professional. Plus, your customers will love being able to reach a real person.

10. Your marketing efforts are non-existent

Marketing is one of those services that all entrepreneurs know they need, but it’s incredibly easy to put it off in lieu of other projects and obligations. A virtual assistant can set up and manage your business’s blog, engage with customers on social media, write a weekly email newsletter, and more.

11. Your startup is growing

Virtual assistants aren’t just contractors that you hire when you need to focus on growing your business… they can also help you stay on top of things when your startup is already experiencing the pains of rapid growth.

Virtual assistants are an incredibly helpful business asset and they can responsibly handle plenty of important duties. To learn more about how VA’s can help you do business more efficiently read through our list of 30 things you didn’t realize a virtual assistant could do!

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