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1 Hunter Street East , Ground Floor
Hamilton, ON  L8N 3W1

What Our Clients Have To Say About Us

“We initially came to Intelligent Office Hamilton because it was highly recommended and it was nearby. Being situated so centrally; it is very convenient and it's perfect for being in contact with clients and lawyers. We were looking for a central office at a low cost where the lease was reasonably flexible.

We had tried Regus prior and we found that the small print details compared to Intelligent Office Hamilton was dramatic. Intelligent Office was dramatically more fair.

When we first agreed to re-locate we were very happy but there were many other benefits we gained, such as:

·the perception of success - being in such a professional looking office denoted success

·was central for everyone

·having telephone answering service was terrific

·technological know-how (which I am challenged on-LOL) was huge for me personally, it is great having that support

·the staff at Intelligent Office Hamilton and the help they provided us was meaningful and means a great deal

·sales volume have increased, profitability has increased as we have chopped overheads

·there are many other day to day benefits that are too numerous to name

In our years in business, one of the best things we have EVER done was locate here.

We are very happy, it was a great move and we’re just so pleased.”

Graeme Moss


Fair Mortgage Solutions Inc. - Hamilton Office

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(905) 777-7800

Dave Novak Director

Intelligent Office, Hamilton

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