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Client Profiles

Verico Fair Mortgage Solutions

We are a DIFFERENT mortgage brokerage.

We are AWARD WINNING and have a reputation for providing excellent advice to all clients, whatever their needs.

We work extensively with the large lenders and also provide equity and private lending should the client benefit from it. Additionally we provide clients with unique proprietary lending should they require it.

Presenting tangible solutions and providing a roadmap/gameplan is something we are committed to as it saves our clients money............a lot of money!

Our agents are experienced and professional and are devoted to matching your needs with the ideal lender.

Our goal is to SAVE YOU MONEY and make you happy.

Maddy's Roadmap

Our mission is to work together with you to resolve your financial stress.

EVERYONE at some point in their lives has ups and downs. It is normal. The key is how you address these problems. Maddy resolves them and steers YOU on the path to financial recovery and financial success.

We work together with you to come up with a plan to reduce stress by developing a budget and strategy for addressing debt and credit issues.

We provide you with a well thought-out solution to your problem. A ROADMAP.


Positive Solutions Divorce Services® is an option for separating couples who want an amicable divorce. We have all the resources you need to help you create a separation agreement that includes division of property, parenting plans and support calculations. We can do this quickly, with less stress and less money than the traditional adversarial legal/court process. In addition to our Hamilton office, we have 16 additional locations across Ontario.


Fullerton Media

Fullerton Media is a digital media company in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. We help entrepreneurs and small businesses build and grow their brand, revenue, and impact online by utilizing all forms of digital media including websites, tools, social media, video series, and mobile. With over ten years of design and marketing experience, we offer a proven process and approach to strategically build an effective web presence, and teach others how to build their own small businesses through workshops, training programs, web tools, consultation services, and online communities.

Spinning Gear Productions

We're a team of creative professionals, who are here to help your company communicate effectively.

Whether it's tweeting a tag-line or designing an ad, we'll get it done. We bring the creative element your marketing needs and the talent to pull it all together.

We have the energy to excite your team and the commitment necessary to get it all done.

Creativity. It's the missing element in your communication strategy.

Click on our logo to get started today.

Verus Recruiting Consultants

Verus was established to provide a fresh perspective and a fresh approach to recruitment. Not satisfied to be just another recruiting company, we set out to create a firm of highly professional consultants with experience and expertise in numerous fields. Our culture, which is boldly independent and entrepreneurial, is very much in demand today allowing us to attract some of the best, brightest and most caring professionals in the country.