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175 S. Third Street , Suite 200
Columbus, OH  43215

Users of Intelligent Office Columbus

Columbus Intelligent Office branch offers a wide range of services to varying businesses. Here are samples of the professions that utilize Intelligent Office of Columbus in a myriad of ways.



·Law Firms

·Mobile salespeople

·Trades (Home service industry: roofers, electrical, plumbers, etc)

·Doctors/Dentists (Intelligent Assistants handle medical scheduling)


·Business consultants

·Mediators/conflict resolution

·Frequent travelers/foreign companies

·Chambers of Commerce

·Senior management

·Real estate

·Mortgage Companies

·Stock brokers/financial planners

·Collections agencies

·Networking groups

·Home-based entrepreneurs

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Otto Beatty Managing Director

Intelligent Office, Columbus (Downtown)

“Allow me to introduce you to a new way to work with less overhead, but more professionalism.”

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