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Jan 2 2014

Why You Need to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

There will come a time in your business when you feel plagued with the never ending amount of tasks and projects required to successfully operate your company. In a state of overwhelm, there is simply too much for one person to achieve while remaining efficient, effective and balanced. You may find that you have numerous responsibilities to complete but not enough hours in the day.


Dec 2 2013

Why You Should Use a Virtual Office

Four reasons why you don't need to spend on setting up a traditional office to recruit staff.

If you’re taking on more work than you can handle as a sole trader, one of the biggest costs involved in starting up abusiness is that of setting up an office.

But now you don’t need to. With rental fees for office space as well as the equipment for employees – not to mention the expense of paying the bills – it might make sense to implement a virtual office.

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Jun 4 2013

Intelligent Office Study Shows Importance of Social Media in Workplace

Workers Demand Social Media Rights

Employees no longer see using Facebook in the office as luxury or a business tool, but as a right, new research shows. A quarter of employees say they would not work for a company that banned social media at work. In total, nearly one-third of employees are spending an hour or more a day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites during work hours, a study by virtual office space franchise Intelligent Office found. Read the article.

Aug 29 2012

Intelligent Office Explains How Virtual Office Solutions Can Help Attorneys: Part 2

How Virtual Receptionists Can Help Attorneys Overcome Client Acquisition Challenges

billable hours survey by LexisNexis reported that 39% of the time worked by a solo or two-attorney firm is not billed, compared to 8% for larger law firms. Among the various reasons hypothesized for the gap are not using staff for non-billable hours and spending time on networking and business development. While client acquisition can be time-consuming, sole practitioners and small law firms still need a robust client acquisition strategy to generate a good flow of new client business. Virtual office solutions are one answer to some of these challenges. Read the entire article.

Aug 6 2012

Intelligent Office Explains How Virtual Office Solutions Can Help Attorneys: Part 1

How Virtual Office Solutions Can Help Attorneys Overcome Challenges in Marketing, Client Acquisition, and Overhead Costs

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 24, 2012 -- According to Harvard Law School, 35% of US lawyers are sole practitioners. Another study using data from the American Bar Association and American Bar Foundation estimates that 68% of all attorneys in private practice in the US are sole practitioners or in firms with ten or fewer attorneys. A solo practice or micro-boutique provides attorneys with autonomy, flexibility, and independence.  Read the entire article on San Francisco Chronicle.

Mar 11 2012

5 QUESTIONS with Intelligent Office's COO Tom Camplese

Your business also appears to be positioned to help companies that have downsized or seeking to take cost-saving measures. So do the bad times mean good times for your firm?  Our business itself, operationally, we were growing from 7 (percent) to 10 percent annually. We have a business model that plays very well in tough and robust economic times. In tough times, of course, the startup activity really dries up, but we have a lot of established companies looking for cost-saving measures. In robust times, we provide a great resource for small businesses to launch. Despite the tougher times on the investment side, the growth side -- if you will -- we very much enjoy nice operational numbers during those tough periods.  Click here for full article

Aug 25 2011

Intelligent Office Saves You Money

How will  Intelligent Offices Intelligent Assistants cost you less than an employee?

The real cost of a traditional employee is about twice the annual salary or hourly pay. Intelligent Assistants don't require medical or dental insurance or even a 401(k). And, since you only pay Intelligent Office for your calls, or time-on-task, your employee's 8-hour day can be crunched into only a 3-4 hours with Intelligent Office! Intelligent Office does not charge you for idle time, washroom visits, personal phone calls, computer downtime, lunch hours, sick leave, vacation time, holidays, personal time off, etc. So a 40-hour work week can turn into a 15-20 hour or less week for Intelligent Office.


If you outsource just 4 hours per week with Intelligent Office, you gain 10% more time in front of your clients. If your time is worth $100 per hour, you lose $400 each week doing administrative and marketing tasks yourself.

Plus, think about the extra time you will gain...

Jan 3 2011

Social Media Revolution

Still not convinced that Social Media is a necessary outlet for your business? These Stats are hard to ignore!
Sep 27 2010

IO Cincinnati Nominated "Business of the Year"

Intelligent Office in Mason, OH has been nominated by the Northeast Cincinnati Chamber as " Business of the Year with under 100 employees". The Northeast Cincinnati Chamber accepts nominations for the annual awards by members of the business community. Click here to read more
Aug 14 2009

5 Questions with the Founder of Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office was founded 14 years ago in Boulder by Ralph Gregory. Now with 47 locations in major cities throughout North America, corporate offices have remained at the original Foothills and Arapahoe office. Gregory talked with the Camera about his concept and how Intelligent Office is fairing in the current economy. Click here to read more
May 30 2009

Entrepreneurs Going Virtual After Commercial Real Estate Collapse

Virtual Offices are becoming destinations for those wanting a prestigious address, especially in the wake of the commercial real estate downturn. Users are keeping overhead low and professionalism high by renting space on an as-needed basis.

Click here to read more

Mar 28 2009

True Tales of the Auto-Attendant

Employing a live American agent costs about $7.50 per call, compared with just 35 cents for a machine. But the kings of customer service (FedEx, Zappos) still build their systems around humans—like the Mormon housewives Yellin finds on the other end of JetBlue's 1-800 line. Cllick to here more

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