Melville, NY

445 Broad Hollow Rd. Suite 25
Melville, NY 11747

IO for the Intelligent Consultant

Intelligent Office for the Intelligent Consultant

Most consultants spend considerable time networking, speaking on the telephone, working on their computer, and observing other people in their own environment.

While a classy office, address and all the other benefits of having a full-time office and staff offer a great image, it is a cost that they would pay for full-time but at best use only part-time.  As a result, most consultants do not have a classy office, address and support staff, but rather use a home address or P.O. Box, answer their own phones, have little to no staff and meet people at their home, place of business, or some public venue such as a restaurant, where distractions may take away from having an efficient and effective meeting.

How can a consultant have the image he or she wants without the overhead?  The Intelligent Office, that’s how.

At the Intelligent Office, the consultant is given the opportunity to have a classy, prestigious address to receive mail and meet clients, and have their phones answered professionally by a live person who will screen, announce and connect their calls to wherever they are, but only pay a fraction of the cost of a full-time office and staff.  In fact, they basically just pay for the space or services when they are actually used.

We afford the consultant the opportunity to enjoy the low overhead costs associated with working from home, while taking advantage of a prestigious office address and full-time receptionist.

We invite all consultants to contact us to further discuss how the Intelligent Office can make them more efficient and effective, and at the same time add value to their practice without adversely affecting their bottom line.

In the year 2011, Intelligent Office allows consultants to work anywhere, professionally.  Intelligent, isn’t it?

Maricel Gotay
Office Manager, Melville