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IO and the Lawyer

Intelligent Office and the Lawyer

The services offered by the Intelligent Office are perfect for a law firm, whether it be a solo, small or large practice.

For the small or solo law firm, The Intelligent Office provides the firm the appearance of a prestigious address, in a classy, state of the art suite, well equipped from the technological standpoint and completely staffed from the personnel standpoint.  The lawyer who works from home or a less prestigious and therefore less expensive location on a day-to-day basis relative to document preparation, telephone calls and the like, can easily afford a more prestigious address and impressive location for the purposes of meeting clients and prospective clients, receiving mail and packages, receptionist services that answer, screen, announce, and connect through all calls no matter where the attorney may be, provide messaging back to the client if the attorney does not want to take the call, or direct the caller to voice mail.  With regard to voice mail, the attorney can have his or her messages sent using .WAV file technology which can be picked up from email or a smart phone.

The prospective client who finds his or her first call to the firm being met by voice-mail is likely to go the next lawyer in the phone book or who was also referred to him or her.  Using Intelligent Office, that caller will find a live, professional receptionist, who will “find” the lawyer wherever he or she is, or will at least assure the prospect of a call back in a short time.

When the attorney does need to meet a client, instead of meeting in his or her own home or less prestigious work place, the appointment can be had and made at the very same mailing address enjoyed through our virtual office packages.  Therefore, the client or potential client will find the attorney at a high profile, prestigious address, greeted by our receptionists, and met in a prime conference room or day office. 

The larger law firms can also benefit from the Intelligent Office in a number of ways.  One is by virtue of replacing a full-time receptionist who all to frequently may come in late, leave early, and is entitled to vacation and sick days.  Our receptionist services save the large company from a cycle of hire, train, fire, repeat or hire, train, replace, repeat.  The law firm will never find our receptionists coming in late, leaving early, getting sick, etc.  We have a team of receptionists taking your calls and we can screen, announce, and direct the calls to anywhere and to any number of attorneys or support staff the firm may have, regardless of your location or phone system.

Additionally, our virtual office packages allow the larger law firm who is located elsewhere to have a prime address in the Route 110 business corridor for Long Island.  We are uniquely located right on the border of Nassau and Suffolk counties and therefore are a perfect satellite location for the New York City law firm or a law firm located anywhere else that does not have a central location in the Long Island Business District.

Finally, for the smaller firm looking for a full-time, turn-key office, we offer beautiful, state of the art, fully furnished and equipped individual offices in our equally beautiful suite, with a full-compliment of services included.

So, whether you are a solo practitioner or a large firm located somewhere else, the Intelligent Office offers a perfect blend of a Class A prestigious office, receptionist services, mailing addresses, or even a full-time, fully equipped, fully furnished office that can be a satellite location for a larger firm or a turn-key full time office for the small attorney who does not want to work from home.

Intelligent, isn’t it?

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Maricel Gotay
Office Manager, Melville
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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP