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Common Misconceptions

The Intelligent Office is just a mailbox store.

The Intelligent Office is far more than a post office box or other type of private mailbox facility.  Similar to these services, the Intelligent Office provide our clients with a private, secure, locked mailbox to which they have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  But in addition, we provide a live-answer receptionist for your business or professional practice.  We also provide a meeting place for when you need to get together with a prospect or an existing client or customer.  We provide everything that a full-time office would provide, except the cost.  Instead, our clients basically pay for what they use, when they use it.  You won’t find these types of features at a mailbox store or a post office.  

The Intelligent Office is just an answering service or a call forwarding service.

Again, the Intelligent Office is much more than an answering service or a call center.  We are your professional receptionist each and every time your telephone rings, without the expense of a full time receptionist’s salary or benefits.  And just as you would train your own receptionist, you train our “Intelligent Assistants.”  We will answer your calls as you direct.  We will contact you to advise you who is calling and what they are calling about.  We will invite you to accept the call, have us provide a message to the caller, or place the caller in voice mail, which you can receive via .wav file to your email or smart phone.

Further, our Intelligent Office Assistants can do more administrative assistant work than any call center or answering service can do.  We can handle your scheduling needs, confirm appointments, take orders, or do intake interviews for prospective or existing clients.

Our Intelligent Assistants are not considered Intelligent Assistants because they pass an IQ test.  They are considered Intelligent Assistants because, when your phone rings, they are intelligent about your business.  The screen that they view will indicate exactly how you want your calls answered and exactly how you want your calls handled. 

In short, we provide you with a full time receptionist that you hire and train, who is our employee, not yours and who never comes in late, leaves early, takes a lunch or gets a vacation.  We can help you break the cycle of hire, train, fire, repeat and/or hire, train, replace, repeat and we do it all for a fraction of the cost.

Many people do not realize the diverse suite of solutions and offerings of the Intelligent Office.

The Intelligent Office can provide you with a full time, turn key, dedicated office.  You will have your own key and be the only one that accesses the office, which will be fully furnished and fully equipped for you to start working the day you move in.

If you do not need a full time office, we offer you the same benefits of a full time office, but only when you need it.  That is, we keep a stable of “virtual,” offices that are equally fully furnished, with internet access and telephone service, which you pay for only when you use it.

Your business or practice can have a full time, turn-key office with receptionist services, conference rooms, and everything you need to have a Class A image without having to sign a long-term lease.  And you will enjoy these benefits without incurring the usual costs of such a set-up.

The Intelligent Office of Melville is definitely far more than a postal box, mailbox store, and/or answering service.  At Intelligent Office, our clients enjoy everything they need, whenever they need it, in a prestigious setting without a prestigious price tag.

For more information or to make arrangements for your Intelligent Office, please give us a call.

Picture of Franchise Manager
Maricel Gotay
Office Manager, Melville
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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP