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8 Improvements You Can Make to Your Company's FAQ Page

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By Ryan Sharetts   |    March 9, 2016   |    11:56 AM

A great FAQ page shows that your company is trustworthy, approachable, and ready to help customers make fast decisions. Here are eight ways to improve your company's FAQ page.

1 - Make Sure You’re Asking and Answering the Right Questions

Obviously your first step is going to be to ask your loyal customers what questions they have and then slowly start building a list. However, when you’re first getting started and you don’t have much to go off of at the start, you can actually turn to keyword research. It’s surprising, but this is an excellent way to see what people are curious about in your industry. Researching long tail terms can help give you an idea not only of what questions may be more important than others, but it can offer you related questions that you may not have considered.

2 - Include Internal Links to Relevant Pages Within Your Answers

When answering a question, always be sure to include internal links in your answer that take readers to either where the answer was found or another relevant page. This gets readers to continue engaging with your brand and clicking around your different webpages, which further establishes credibility and a connection. Although linking to blog posts or Guides is the most common option, if relevant, you can even link back to a page within your sales funnel and start potentially building conversions that way.

3 - Keep Your Answers Brief

On the opposite end of the spectrum, although you want to try and include answers that have a little bit of flair and keywords to them, you don’t want them to be too long. Users don’t want to try and find a quick answer and have to dig through a big block of text to find it (especially for every single question). Chances are if this is the case, your readers won’t bother and then all the benefits of an FAQ go out the window.

4 - Organize Questions By Category

This is a great way not only to organize your page to make it easier for readers to find their questions, but it also helps alert them to related questions that they may not have had (yet). In other words, it increases efficiency for both the present time and eliminates any confusion that could happen in the future.

5 - If Large, Use the Linking Name to Anchor Tag

The Linking Name to Anchor tag is most commonly seen on Wikipedia. It allows you to have a Table of Contents at the top of your page. When a user clicks the link, it jumps him/her down to the appropriate response, which is another reason that organizing by category will be crucial. This is a huge time saver for the user and it avoids forcing you to send readers to another webpage (which, as you may know, comes with problems of webpage load time and making sure users don’t click away in three seconds or less). You can learn more about the Linking Name to Anchor tag option here.

6 - Offer Plenty of Options for Readers to Talk to Your Company Directly

Sometimes readers might get frustrated if they’re taken to an FAQ page that doesn’t have the answer they are looking for. You likely have a contact page, but it’s still important to remind readers how they can quickly email you or call you if needed. Put your contact information at the top and bottom of the page, and even consider including another contact form here. (It seems redundant to you, but it’s helpful to users who have only visited your FAQ page.) Live Chat is also a great optimization option to use here.

7 - Update Your FAQ Page Every Quarter

Last but not least, it’s important that you’re continually updating this page. You want to ask and answer the right questions, and as your business as well as the industry grows those will change. The more relevant you can be the better it is for everyone overall, so consider adding this to your quarterly team meetings. Have your employees keep a list of potential questions they’ve been asked, and then determine which to include and which you can eliminate.

8 - Use Customer Surveys to See If All Questions Were Answered

Don’t forget that you can always test to make sure your FAQ page is really optimized by using a customer survey. See what your customers are saying about how well their questions were answered. There are many different survey options and tools you can use, so visit here to learn more about getting started.


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