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525 Route 73 North , Suite 104
Marlton, NJ  08053

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"Intelligent Office has played a pivotal role in our ability to grow our business. As a start-up with limited financial resources, we wanted to dedicate as much of our capital as we could to marketing our business. We didn't want to sink a lot of capital into support staff and office space until we absolutely needed it. Our partnership with Intelligent Office allowed us to conserve our capital to grow our business, and allowed us to evolve in an extremely efficient manner. Many thanks to Ellen, Stacy, Alisha, and everyone on her fantastic team."


"The staff at Intelligent Office are very reliable, professional and courteous and are a valuable asset to our growing practice. We are thoroughly pleased with how they interact and coordinate with our clients and staff."

JD Factors

My position requires me to constantly be out of the office, networking, attending functions, and meeting with clients and prospects for business development purposes. Being out of the office more than I am in the office could have been a huge concern, were it not for the assistance and competency of the Intelligent Office. I receive important prospect calls, no matter where I am, and this has made the company thousands of dollars. I utilize their trademark “Follow Me Communications”, and can accept calls on the road. My business is very time sensitive, and I can lose a deal in the matter of hours if I do not speak directly with a prospect within that period of time. My territory is the fastest growing territory with the least amount of manpower on the payroll, and the reception service at the Intelligent Office is part of that reason. I made a very smart business decision to utilize the service of the Intelligent Office. - Robinn Mikalic

Law Offices of Angela Kosar

Intelligent Office has given my practice the professional image it needs. I have all of the amenities of a large, well appointed office suite at a fraction of the cost. It has helped me keep my overhead much lower than if I were to rent space, obtain office equipment, utilities, telephone and fax service, and reception staff. It has given me the freedom to work from my home office and raise my son with out sacrificing the image of my business. For this reason, Intelligent Office is the best solution for today’s career mom trying to balance work and family while maintaining a highly professional image. I would absolutely recommend IO to a colleague or friend looking for affordable, professional office space that comes with great value-added amenities. It’s been great for me and I hope it brings great success for others who use it too. - Angela Kosar

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Intelligent Office, Marlton

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