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6 Office Hacks to Keep Your Workspace Clutter Free

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By Townes Haas   |    February 27, 2014   |    2:14 PM

Keep your office space tidy with these 6 simple tricks

A handy article about “life hacks” has been making its rounds lately, detailing ingenious ways to make everyday tasks easier, especially things like cleaning and organization. Many of the solutions are so earth shatteringly easy to implement that it’s shocking.

Sometimes it seems like keeping our desks clean and uncluttered is life’s most onerous task. Making sure our workspaces are actually conducive to working isn’t rocket science, but revamping your office clutter is a time investment worth making.

1. Give everything a home
This might seem like a no-brainer, but instead of cluttering your desk with pens, notebooks, highlighters, snacks, and whatever else you want to have on hand, create a “home” for each set of items.

It can be as simple as getting a mug to place your pens in, or purchasing paper trays and vertical desk organizers to keep things organized. You could use ice cube trays to organize small items in your drawers.

2. Tame your cables
Ahh, cables, always in the way and getting tangled into an unmanageable disaster. Snap binder clips onto the backside of your desk and loop laptop chargers, USB cords, and other cables through the silver loop on the clip. Use bread clips to label and organize cords. Rain gutters are also great desk-attachment tools that help wrangle cables.

Or, you can take the easy route and buy a “cable management tool” from Ikea.

3. Get a bigger workspace
No, you won’t need to buy a new desk, but you will have to think beyond your available desk space.

Start thinking vertically: shelves, raising your computer monitor, and using the space under your desk. Instead of littering your desk with post-it notes, hang a whiteboard on the wall. You could also attach clipboards to a wall to organize papers.

4. Make a “supply wall”
Taking the “think vertically” notion one step further: supplies like staplers, tape, scissors, and post-its are good to have on hand, but they don’t need to take up precious desk space. Use a pegboard to secure office supplies so they’re easy to reach, but not in the way.

Your refrigerator isn’t the only magnetic surface that can be used for notes and other reminders – use a magnetized white board or other surface to hang notes and supplies.

5. Keep small items in a spice rack
If you have limited drawer space, grab an old spice rack to store paper clips, rubber bands, push pins, and other small items. Just be sure to wash the glass spice jars completely, or else your supplies might smell like dill.

6. Start from scratch
Okay, so this one might not be a “hack,” but it makes sense. If removing clutter doesn’t seem to work, take everything away and add what you need back little by little. All of the office hacks in existence aren’t going to be very helpful if you simply have too much stuff to begin with.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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