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7 Ways to Get More Traffic to your Webinar

By Barbara Beauregard   |    November 21, 2016   |    10:35 AM


Webinars are an excellent way to convert traffic and subscribers into paying customers. That said, they only work if people show up. 

To get more people flocking to your webinars, learn some fundamental strategies for ramping up traffic.

Leverage All Your Channels

If you've been doing any sort of online marketing, you should have a few basic methods for spreading the word about your upcoming webinar. At the same time, there are a lot of other channels that may go overlooked. When promoting your webinar, it’s important to exhaust all possibilities, since each and every visitor represents a potential sale.

  1. Your blog: Create a dedicated post announcing your webinar, so casual readers won't miss it.

  2. Social media: Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and/or some other social channel, be sure to make several posts about your upcoming webinar.

  3. Email: Hopefully, you have an extensive email list comprised of your most active readers. Tap this resource to generate a more engaged audience.

  4. YouTube/Vimeo: If you have a video account with several subscribers, create a promotional video for your webinar.

  5. Affiliates: Reach out to strategic partners and affiliates to help advertise your webinar. Make sure to track their affiliate codes with their referrals, so they will get a sales credit if you plan to present a paid offer at the conclusion of your webinar.

  6. Event listings: Local magazines, newspapers, blogs and websites often offer free event calendars. Try to get your webinar listed, especially if you know your target audience frequents a particular calendar.

  7. Podcasts: If you run a podcast, be sure to tell listeners about your upcoming webinar. Likewise, if a colleague or friend runs a podcast, ask him or her to mention your event.

Make the Most Out of Every Visitor

All too often, businesses try to satisfy all of the masses by creating webinars that cover broad topics. This one-size-fits-all blanket approach tends to turn off audiences and waste valuable traffic. Instead, try creating webinars that cater to specific lead segments.

You should also adapt your marketing campaign according to each specific niche. Engaging mom bloggers is much different than engaging accounting professionals. Be sure to tailor your message and your webinar to cultivate greater engagement and increase your chances of converting traffic into dollars.