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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Busy Real Estate Agents

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By Brian Farris   |    February 18, 2022   |    5:52 AM

Great real estate professionals know how to generate business and bring clients and customers into their orbit. But they don't always leverage their volume by having the right support on the administrative side of the transaction. This is where having a virtual assistant from Intelligent Office can provide huge benefits for a busy real estate firm. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of contracting for a highly trained, on-demand virtual assistant.

Administrative assistance: A virtual assistant can apply their skills and focus to the administrative side of real estate deals, allowing them to serve as something of a transaction coordinator. They can input information into your multiple listing service (MLS), take care of the paperwork and cumbersome contract closing duties. They can also make real estate professionals' busy lives easier by serving as personal administrative assistants, handling deliveries, gifts, tickets and other concierge-type services.

Marketing: This is the area where a virtual assistant from Intelligent Office can provide all the technological flourishes and personal touches that not only drive business to your real estate firm but help you build brand loyalty in your community. Virtual assistants can manage your social media, write intelligent content for your website or blog, create videos and fliers and manage advertising campaigns. There is a lot of repetitive work that drives your marketing efforts and a virtual assistant can help you generate valuable content for a fraction of what your time is worth.

Sales Support: Making calls and connecting with clients is one of the most important ways that real estate professionals maintain the pipeline of customers that fuel a real estate firm. Many agents are professional about making contact with customers and even making one or two follow-up contacts. But that method doesn't help you reach customers who are not ready to buy today or sell tomorrow. Only regular personal contact that helps connect a potential client to your firm gives you brand recognition and loyalty that can lead to a sale six months or a year from now. Virtual assistants can serve as a kind of “lead coordinator" to help manager your inside sales outreach and follow-up with potential customers.

Unique advantages: It's past time for modern real estate professionals to start thinking out of the box. Sure, it's easy to hire an administrative assistant to sit at the front desk and greet customers. But the truth is that in this modern age, managing technology, social media, and online listings is far more important than engaging a physical resource at your office. Plus, virtual assistants from Intelligent Office carry advantages that a traditional employee cannot. Here are just a few aspects to consider about virtual assistance from Intelligent Office:

  • No turnover: we make sure we have redundant personnel who understand your business model and your specific needs.
  • No sick days: because of the aforementioned redundancy in staffing, you won't ever be left hanging because of a bout of the flu.
  • No recruiting: because Intelligent Office has a large, well-trained and intelligent pool of agile and multifaceted assets, you don't have to spend days sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates. We go straight to work.
  • No insurance, taxes or health benefits: you don't have to waste valuable administrative resources and accounting time to pay for your virtual assistant. Intelligent Office provides easy invoicing and payment options to minimize the impact on your operations.
  • No waste: with Intelligent Office, you pay only for what you use. Intelligent Office only charges for the time we're actually working to manage and build your business.

Contact Intelligent Office today for a free custom quote and find out how much time, money and energy you could be saving by growing your real estate firm.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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