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9 Essential Budgeting Tools for Business

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By Garrett Spence   |    January 23, 2018   |    10:21 AM

9 Budgeting Tools to Streamline the Financial Side of Your Business

Small businesses come with never-ending financial responsibilities that can interfere with growth. From expenses and invoices to day-to-day accounting and year-end tax preparations, there are countless duties that take time away from providing services and producing goods. Fortunately, there are also several modern tools that can save business owners time and headaches that come with daily financial tasks. Here are nine essential budgeting tools to help streamline the financial side of your business.

  1. Scoro: This handy software combines efficient budget planning and forecasting capabilities with other features that let you invoice, juggle expenses and manage project budgets. It also includes an intuitive financial dashboard and CRM, so you can manage your entire enterprise and access every bit of its financial data in a single place.

  2. Float: This easy-to-use cash flow management and budget forecasting software seamlessly integrates with popular financial tools such as Quickbooks, Xero and Free Agent. It also features a highly visual, intuitive platform that can help you bring greater clarity to your company's budget and available cash flow.

  3. Adaptive Planning: This budgeting, planning, and modeling software includes Excel-like sheets that allow you to drill into cell values to get a clearer understanding of data. It's also fully configurable, so you can customize calculations and create more flexible models that suit your unique business needs.

  4. Budget Maestro: This easy-to-use product allows for scalable budgeting, forecasting and planning for small to mid-market companies. Use it to effectively automate many of the error-prone, time-consuming manual spreadsheet processes to produce a more accurate budget.

  5. BudgetPak by XLerant: Designed for mid-sized organizations, this easy-to-use cloud-based product is an all-in-one cloud-based, budgeting, reporting and forecasting solution. Ideal for finance teams that need to improve accountability and engagement, the software includes an intuitive interface that offers step-by-step guidance for financial and non-financial end-users. BudgetPak also features quick implementation and expert support from attentive XLerant professionals.

  6. Budgyt: This affordable budgeting software replaces clunky spreadsheets with intuitive features that help businesses quickly create budgets that are more accurate and reliable. It also allows them to manage multiple cost centers and users, while restricting data to approved personnel.

  7. Vena: Created for medium- to large-sized organizations, this budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting software turns Microsoft Excel into a cloud solution that includes sophisticated workflow, a centralized database, advanced analytics and powerful reporting. It also does away with rigid, difficult-to-use applications that come with steep learning curves.

  8. CCH Tagetik by Wolters Kluwer: Appropriate for mid to large companies, CCH Tagetik automates and streamlines numerous planning tasks into a one solution. It also simplifies and modernizes the overall process, while facilitating collaboration between operational and financial planners.

  9. Questica Budget: Widely recognized as a leading budget prep and management software, this product is used throughout North America in local governments, universities, colleges, K-12 schools, hospitals and non-profit organizations. It includes advanced salary and capital budgeting software, multi-user operation and a system of measures that track overall performance.

Intelligent Office provides smart business solutions that can give entrepreneurs the time they need to focus on growing their companies. Contact us to learn more.

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