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5 Tools for Generating Blog Post Ideas

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By Garrett Spence   |    March 13, 2017   |    12:18 PM


Impactful blog topics are the basis for effective content marketing, but what happens when you run out of ideas?

If you're struggling to cultivate engaging blog topics that convert, these five tools can help.

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator: This handy tool literally creates fresh topics for you. Simply input your keywords or keyword phrases, and the algorithm will craft a series of prepared titles, using list form, numbers and impactful, high-converting words. Simply enter three nouns into the given fields, and then click “Give Me Blog Topics!” Vary your keywords and phrases to get hundreds and hundreds of blog titles. Adjust your input to get titles that will appeal to your unique customer base. It's fast, easy and effective.

  2. Google Suggest: This online resource lets you quickly identify what users are searching for. Start by typing in a keyword or keyword phrase, and the tool will unveil potential ideas in a dropdown box. Based on search data from Google, the algorithm is a sure bet when it comes to generating popular topics that attract interest; however, you will end up with high volume search phrases that attract substantial competition. For optimal results, try refining your search by using another keyword research tool to determine if competition is too high for a given title.

  3. Portent’s Generator: This helpful tool will churn out some very detailed post topics that aren't always ideal for every industry or blog. Many times, you will need to revise the topics so they make more sense and appropriately target your audience. Still, the Portent Idea Generator can give you some great inspiration by creating topics you might never have thought of. It also adds small tips in little bubbles around every topic to help you settle on revisions to enhance conversion potential.

  4. Quora Questions & Answers: If you're looking for blog ideas that are likely to convert, Quora engagement is a great place to start. Just spend a little time in the question and answer forum and you'll quickly discover people asking all sorts of specific questions related to services and products. You can even submit your answers with a link to your supporting blog post to gain greater visibility for your blog. For best results, however, it's best to focus on topics or questions that have yet to receive complete answers.

  5. Soovle: This online generator searches for popular keyword phrases used on Youtube, Wikipedia, Google and other search engines. This makes it ideal for targeting ideas based on trending topics that have yet to become overly competitive. While it won't deliver actual blog topics, Soovle can be an invaluable aid to the overall brainstorming process. When paired with other tools, such as Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator, Soovle is a great asset for generating unique blog topics that are sharable and fun.

Analyzing the Data

According to a report from The Content Marketing Institute, 57 percent of B2B marketers say content production is consistently their biggest struggle. While the above tools can take the headache out of settling on topics, you will still need to hold up your end by analyzing the performance of each post. Be sure to keep detailed, organized metrics to determine which topics attract a lot of hits and which ones generate the most conversions. This will help you determine which adjectives, adverbs and formats work best for your particular product and customer base.

Remember, while one good post can generate thousands of visits, your long-term focus should be on determining why the topic was successful. This way, you can repeat the process and develop a blogging system that turns visitors into dollars.

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