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Jul 11 2012

Why Small Business CEO's Need a Dose of James Bond

Great interview with Joel Babbit of Mother Nature Network on why more small business owners need to be more like James Bond. A small exerpt:

"I learned from [James Bond] that while he was working on very serious stuff like saving the world, he always enjoyed himself. He would have a drink every night and go out on a date and would make witty remarks to people in the midst of crises. I think that’s a very good business lesson."

Check out the full interview here.

Jun 29 2012

Latest WorkIQ Survey

Intelligent Office has released a new infographic that shows what modern employees want from their work life. Do you think this represents the new, modern worker? Check it out here!

Jun 13 2012

Intelligent Office Lincolnshire Adds Video Conferencing

After working for several months getting the proper infrastructure in place, the Intelligent Office Lincolnshire team launched its video conferencing services on May 24.  These services are open to members and non-members and simply require interested parties to make a reservation with one of our Intelligent Assistants.  Some information about our video conferencing gear:


  • LifeSize Express 220 Codec
  • Refresh rate per second: 30 frames low end/ 60 frames high end
  • 10x HD Camera with MicPod
  • 52-Inch LED monitor
  • Dedicated Internet Line 

Video conferencing is currently set up in our small conference room but we can accommodate 12-18 people in our large conference room if need be. Contact us about rates and availability. Reserve your next video conference with Intelligent Office!


Jun 12 2012

Entrepreneurial Mom!

A great article from CNN Money about how 7 different Mom's are successfully balancing being a Mom, and a successful entrepreneur. Check it out here.

May 31 2012

2012 Rice Business Plan Competition Results

Want to know what kinds of ideas are getting the attention of venture capitalists?  Check out the ideas floated in this year's Rice business plan competition!  Some fascinating concepts were on display- Check out the results here.

May 21 2012

Inspiration From a 12 Year Old

Fun article from the New York Times about 13 year old entrepreneur Mallory Kievman and her cure for Hiccups- the Hiccupops.  Check it out here.

May 4 2012

7 Small Business Tips to Make 2012 a Huge Success!

Great article from StartUP Nation on how you can make this year a success!  Short and to the point.  

Read about it here!





Feb 25 2012

The Truth About Being An Entrepreneur


Thinking about stating a business? You might need to be just a bit crazy. But that can be a good thing, depending on what you want.  Read more from an and Brazen Careerist collaboration. 


Feb 20 2012

16 Things Intelligent Office Lincolnshire Does To Help Your Business

Intelligent Office Lincolnshire knows that as a small business owner, your time is valuable. Attention should be spent on generating new customers taking care of existing clients, and focusing on your business strategy.  That means finding a way to delegate the day-to-day tasks and duties that distract you from spending time on your company vision, your prospects your customers and employees.

Small Business Owner, Meet the Virtual Assistants of Intelligent Office Lincolnshire

A virtual assistant is ore than a telephone receptionist. A skilled virtual assistant can screen unwanted calls, answer very specific questions about your business, and much more- truly a personal assistant.  Here is a list of 16 common tasks that virtual assistants from Intelligent Office Lincolnshire can handle for you:

  1. Schedule appointments and coordinate meeting details
  2. Handle registrations for seminars and events
  3. Capture new prospect information while providing personalized, relevant responses at the point of initial contact.
  4. Tackle data entry projects
  5. Take credit card payments by phone
  6. Route live messages and voice mail to your cell phone, inbox or PDA
  7. Sort, organize, and consolidate your e-mail messages
  8. Answer customer inquiries
  9. Manage client account histories
  10. Process customer orders
  11. Disseminate Leads
  12. Process online orders
  13. Forward Mail
  14. Manage fulfillment of marketing materials
  15. Provide notary services
  16. Execute payroll distribution

Virtual assistants are particularly useful not only if you need part time administrative assistance, but also as temporary help for full time projects.  Whether you are promoting an event, or launching a new product or service, virtual assistants from Intelligent Office Lincolnshire can be utilized to handle temporary traffic increases without the need to hire additional employees.

For more information about how Intelligent Office Lincolnshire can help you expand your business presence, reduce risk, and compete more effectively, click here. 




Dec 1 2011

Larger Companies Going Virtual

From an article written by the editors of Graduating Engineer and Computing Careers comes the news that more and more traditional, large corporations are choosing to work virtually.  They are seeing increases in productivity and a reduction in carbon emmisions.  Click Read More

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