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Starbucks doesn't really do the trick.

As a home-based entrepreneur you are always looking to find creative places to have business meetings with your clients. It is not like you can meet with a client in your living room, so you have to meet in a public place. It could be the diner around the corner or the coffee shop up the street. Some professionals may think that cheap public space to handle client meetings is fine. They believe it does not impact their credibility, image, or reputation. This has proven to be bad advice for any small business owner who is trying to build a business. This first impression is everything, and there are no second chances.

In business who you are, how you dress, and what you have to say are important; therefore, where you meet your clients can not be treated as a last minute thought. Every detail helps your customers make the decision to say "yes" or "no," especially when the choice affects their business or their bottom line. This means that every interaction counts. Meeting in a Starbucks over day-old Danish is not going to cut it if your goal is to grow your business, get better clients, and make more money.

Clients want to give their business to companies that inspire trust. They are not interested in the fly-by-night. They want a company that is going to be around for years to come. They are looking for companies who deliver stellar work on a deadline and until they get to know you and the quality of your work. Those potential clients can only judge you by what they "see."

So, they are noticing your office, how you dress, how confident you look, how tight your presentation is, and how organized you seem. No matter how you stack it- meeting in your living room or in Starbucks does not exactly scream out that your company is “best-of-breed." What alternatives do you have? Well, the point is - you do have alternatives. For a home-based business, a virtual office is all you need. It is absolutely essential if you want to attract and catch the bigger fish. A virtual office space gives you the option to work at home, while giving the appearance that your operation is much larger and more impressive.

Here is how it works: For a reasonable monthly fee, you can rent the services of an office suite without actually renting the office itself. Sounds crazy, right? Well, imagine working from your home but having a professional Palm Beach Gardens address and phone number. When they call you at your Palm Beach Gardens office phone number, the call is answered by a professional trained to answer the phone the way you want it and can even be forwarded to your home office phone. Imagine when your clients messenger a package over, it is being delivered to a business and not to your front door. When the time comes for that big meeting, you can nail that first impression with your professional office suite.

To get more information about a virtual office solution, and to hear how affordable it is, contact the friendly staff at the Intelligent Office of Palm Beach Gardens.

Click here to see how the Intelligent Office concept works in Canada, throughout the U.S. and right here in Palm Beach Gardens!

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Dana Middleton
Manager, Palm Beach Gardens
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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
Download The Intelligent Office APP