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Business emergency

Experiencing a business emergency?
Let one of our Virtual Assistants come to the rescue!
Have you ever experienced a down phone system, flooded office, building evacuation or even a receptionist that has called in sick at the last minute? If so, you may have felt like halting your business operations to handle the situation was your only option. Well, that is no longer the case.

Did you know that Intelligent Office's Intelligent Assistant service can come to the rescue in a dire situation? Our highly trained Intelligent Assistants can ease the woes of an emergency situation by temporarily handling phone calls, emails and other vital administrative tasks while you deal with getting your business back on track. Intelligent Assistants are local and professionally trained virtual receptionists and assistants who can handle a wide array of administrative services.

Intelligent Assistants can be hired temporarily to mitigate the effects of many emergency situations like:

  • Disabled/Down Phone System
  • Power Outages
  • Last Minute Employee Absences
  • Office Floods
  • Hurricane/Storm Closures
  • Office Building Evacuations
  • Temporary reallocation of employee responsibilities for client emergencies
  • And any other business emergency that requires extra man power

Contact me today if you're interested in learning more about this valuable and reliable business emergency service.

Danielle Iglesias
Manager, Miami (Downtown)