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Your Full Service Virtual Assistants, Available Anytime You Need a Helping Hand.

When you require administrative support that an office admin or clerical assistant can bring to your business, you need a specific set of skills that not just any assistant can provide. At Intelligent Office of Jacksonville, we know that having highly trained, specialized support from a professional administrative assistant makes a real difference in serving the needs of your clients and meeting the unique challenges of your business. The customized virtual roles that we provide our clients include:

  • Corporate Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Secretary
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Clerical Assistant
  • Office Admin
  • Part-Time Assistant
  • Virtual Business Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Sales Assistant
  • Law Office Assistant
  • Virtual Business Management
  • Virtual Appointment Management

Once you start thinking of all the ways that a virtual assistant will help make your work more efficient and easier, you’ll realize how much support an Intelligent Assistant provides. For instance, a virtual receptionist or virtual secretary can schedule incoming medical appointments at a busy chiropractic office. A virtual office admin can book your calendar, answer the phone, or make follow-up calls to potential clients. A sales assistant can proactively contact potential clients, letting a busy real estate agent focus his or her time and attention on closing deals. A law office assistant can bring legal knowledge and specific support to busy legal firms. We can even provide a personal assistant to busy executives to help manage appointments scheduling, travel booking, and more.

At Intelligent Office of Jacksonville, our virtual assistants are trained to have a wealth of skills and a willingness to help you when and how you need administrative or technical assistance.

No matter what level or complexity of assistance you require, our virtual office assistants provide the appropriate level of clerical or administrative support. Even better, our virtual assistants don’t require the overhead that a typical executive assistant requires, such as sick days, salary requirements, and physical space. Our Intelligent Assistant solutions are available on demand so that you only pay for the services you need when you engage them.

Every business is unique. Whether you are managing a high-demand marketing agency, delivering goods and services or meeting the medical needs of your community, Intelligent Office of Jacksonville has the solutions you need. We want to understand you better. That’s why we recommend a free needs assessment to thoroughly understand the way your business works and create customized solutions that allow you to focus on the big picture, leaving the tiny details to your Intelligent Assistant.

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No Turnover

We make sure that multiple people on our team know your business so you’re covered no matter what. Hiring and firing is now a thing of the past. Now you can reach maximum efficiency by engaging a virtual receptionist, personal assistant or part-time assistant at any time!

Save Money on HR

Human Resources is a major investment in any business enterprise. Because we offer our services on demand, our model dramatically cuts the cost of your human resources department. Instead of the thousands of dollars in salary and benefits that a traditional assistant costs, most of our clients pay just a few hundred dollars or less each month.

No Sick Days

Sure, our people are people so they get sick from time to time, too. But because we plan for such eventualities, there are always a trained, capable and reliable virtual assistants ready to serve so that you never get caught short-handed.

No Drama

Our Intelligent Assistants are serious administrative professionals with multiple talents, great attitudes, and a willingness to take on any task ranging from mundane to highly complex. They have all been screened thoroughly and trained extensively to have the ability to jump into busy, complicated business models and provide the appropriate level of support you need to succeed.

No Recruiting

Let’s face it: hiring is a lengthy process that takes time and offers no guarantee of finding a successful candidate. With the Intelligent Assistant model, you don’t have to waste your time worrying about hiring, talent and retention. We take great care in finding amazing people who are always available to help you with your administrative needs

No Insurance & Taxes

Think of Intelligent Office as the secretarial pool of the future. Instead of investing money in insurance, health benefits, and payroll taxes, you can minimize overhead and pay an affordable monthly fee to have full-time access to the talent that you need.

No Waste

Just as the days of landlines and typewriters have gone by, the concept of the traditional office assistant is outdated, too. Why hire a generalist to meet the many specialized needs that your business has? With Intelligent Assistance, you only pay for the services you need. Invest in expertise.

No Worries

Spend your time focusing on the big picture. Our Intelligent Assistants focus on the details like the phone, your calendar, administrative duties and sales so that you can spend your time on strategy, growth, and optimization.



  • Phone Answering
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Take Orders
  • Confirmation Calls
  • Intake Questions
  • Take Reservations
  • Gather Survey Results
  • Travel/Seminar Registration
  • Coordinate Mailings and Media Campaigns
  • Answer Client Inquiries
  • Notary Services
  • Typing
  • Meeting Preparation
  • Manage Social Media
  • Conference Registration
  • Cold Calling
  • Sales
  • Book Medical Appointments
  • Follow Up on Sales Leads
  • Order Personal Items
  • Virtual Reception
  • Almost Anything Else

Custom Fit

You’re unique. We understand. That’s why we recommend a free needs assessment to better understand your business and create a custom solution that allows you to focus on doing what you do best.

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