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5 Businesses That Are Running Amazing Marketing Campaigns

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By Garrett Spence   |    March 30, 2016   |    9:51 AM

Getting noticed is one of the most difficult parts of getting your startup on the track to success. If you can’t attract the attention of potential customers and clients, your sales certainly won’t increase.

Thankfully, businesses around the world are running creative marketing campaigns and you can learn from the pros. 

Here are five amazing marketing campaigns that caught the attention of consumers.

1. Airbnb

Airbnb created the #OneLessStranger hashtag to promote its services, and the results were phenomenal. This marketing campaign features a robust social media component that was designed to bring people together, which fits in perfectly with Airbnb’s business model.

They even gave $10 to 100,000 users, instructing them to use the funds for random acts of kindness. A spokesperson summed up the sentiment beautifully: "It doesn't stop with those receiving the $10 — by sharing these experiences on social media channels with the designated hashtag #OneLessStranger, Airbnb hopes the larger global community will be inspired to join and pay it forward, helping to rid the world of strangers, one stranger at a time."

2. Squatty Potty

Before we dissect this one, take a moment to watch the video in the link above.

It’s a strange commercial, but you can’t deny its efficacy — the result was a 600% increase in online sales and a 400% increase in retail sales. It’s a viral video that will stick around in the minds of customers. Squatty Potty is also a perfect example of the good that can come from not being afraid to get a little creative with your marketing, even if talking about what you sell is socially “taboo”.

3. ‘The Dress’ Campaigns

Do you remember when the Internet couldn’t agree on the color of this dress? This next marketing win features several businesses who capitalized on that pop culture event to make their campaigns relevant (and entertaining).

Dunkin Donuts Tweeted it’s own simple take on the matter, with two donuts side by side. Tide did the same, taking to Twitter to get some attention of it’s own. These two examples perfectly showcase how you can use current events and social media in your marketing.

4. UnderArmour

UnderArmour had been trying to increase its female customer base for years without much success. Then, in 2014, they came up with the “I Will What I Want” campaign. They even took home Ad Age’s coveted “Marketer of the Year” accolade in 2014.

Strategists behind the campaign say that "I Will What I Want" was never meant to be a "you go, girl" type of campaign. Their intent was to empower women "who had the physical and mental strength to tune out the external pressures and turn inward and chart their own course." They accomplished that empowerment through careful collaborations and sponsorships, and partnerships with strong female athletes certainly helped promote the message. As a result, sales are strong.

5. Old Spice

Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign is still memorable, even more than five years later. Go ahead and watch the video linked above — there’s a chance you’ll remember that campaign. The campaign was incredibly successful, too:

  • It was watched almost 6 million times in the first day.
  • It made Old Spice’s YouTube channel the most popular brand channel at the time.
  • It played into other marketing efforts. After the original video, Old Spice did a response campaign on YouTube… to the tune of 180 personalized videos where the “Old Spice Guy” answered questions from the audience. Those videos netted 40 million combined views in the first week.

The takeaway from Old Spice is similar to what we’ve learned from other unique campaigns: don’t fear creativity, and always try to involve your audience.

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