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Which Industries are Best Fits for Virtual Office Services?

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Which Industries are Best Fits for Virtual Office Services?

Business owners often ask if a virtual office is the right solution to fit their needs. Fortunately for them, a virtual office is a good fit for almost any business. In fact, because virtual offices are specifically designed for lean businesses management – setting up a virtual office space is particularly attractive to owners who are starting small or wish to scale to the next level without drastically increasing overhead expenses.  Luckily, Intelligent Office has experience in a variety of use cases, and have proven to be great partners.

Convert Trade Service Leads While Out in the Field

Have you ever called a plumber (or mechanic, landscaper, etc.)  for an emergency, only to reach the company’s voicemail? You probably called the next provider you found. This missed opportunity can impact the success of a business tremendously, as it demonstrates unavailability to the caller. Skilled trade professionals such as landscapers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and the like, have probably experienced some benefit of virtual office services - like not losing potential leads due to missed phone calls.

Sometimes a business requires the owner to be on site, which can also mean more time is spent focusing on administrative tasks when the owner could be directing their efforts to higher-value projects. Virtual office services such as phone answering and virtual assistants provide a reliable first point of contact for potential customers.

Our Intelligent Assistants are trained professionals who can schedule appointments and answer questions for new customers, while building valuable relationships with existing ones. This service allows trade business owners to put their best foot forward in the field and in the office; while presenting a reputable brand to the world.

Run a Law Firm with Intelligent Assistance

Legal professionals understand the importance of keeping operating expenses low. In this type of lean management, attention to detail is one of the most important factors that contribute to running a law firm effectively. From legal strategy to paperwork, the operations of a law office must be organized and efficient. That’s what makes a virtual assistant a natural fit for legal professionals.

Our Intelligent Assistants have helped lawyers tackle short-term projects during busy seasons, organize depositions, and stay on schedule in a demanding environment.

Even though lawyers often use of our on-demand office space rentals, a virtual office provides all of the modern amenities of traditional shared or private offices.  However, with a virtual office address, you benefit from all of the equipment without the long-term commitment and high prices of renting a commerical space. You pay for what you need, when you need it. 

Flexibility for Financial Professionals

If you are a tax or financial services professional, you probably know the rapid cadence of tax season. In this and other high-volume client service scenarios, flexibility is key. A virtual office address provides tax and finance professionals with the ability to handle the varying requests of clients with virtual mailboxes, calendar management and phone ansering to keep an uninterrupted lead flow. This is especially true during tax season, when several clients are consulted with and supported each day.

With several meeting rooms and executive office suites available, Intelligent Office sets the stage for a professional and productive environment where these meetings can take place. The ability to handle all administrative duties, reserve meeting rooms, and properly manage sensitive documents has made virtual offices a great match.

Medical Practitioners Can More Easily Care for Patients and their Practice

Balancing the operational responsibilities of a business with the well-being of patients is a complicated job. That difficult balance is what makes virtual office solutions an easy choice for medical service providers.

Intelligent Assistants are skilled at handling a volume of administrative tasks that a medical business requires.With a dedicated team that knows your business inside and out, scheduling appointments and following up with patients, safeguarding medical records, communicating with insurance companies are just some of the skills of our virtual assistants.

Intelligent Assistants are perfectly aligned with the duties of a medical office, and come without the stress and costs of hiring full-time employees. Medical professionals are then free to focus their energy on improving the lives of their patients.

Intelligent Office services aren’t limited to these specific industries. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions for truly effective business support. That’s why we work with you to address specific business needs. Contact a location near you to see how we can help.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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