Executive Office Suites
Miami Downtown
(305) 777-1300 2 South Biscayne Boulevard Suite 3760 Miami, FL 33131
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Executive Office Suites
    • Perfect Location
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    • Turn-Key Office
  • 2 South Biscayne B ...
  • 2 South Biscayne Boulevard Suite 3760
    • When built in 1972, it was the tallest building in Miami and held that status until 1984. The building appears often on most postcards of the skyline and remains a signature building of Miami, due to its being a symbol of prosperity for the Cuban exile community.
  • Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood
    • We are in the heart of Downtown Miami. Right across from Bayfront park, and down the street from American Airlines Arena. We are 20 minutes away from South Beach, and with easy access by way of the Metro Mover and Metro Rail, Dadeland Mall is 20 minutes away.
  • Amenities
  • Amenities
    • "Covered parking
    • Gym
    • Kitchen
    • Meeting rooms
    • Private Offices
    • High-speed internet
    • LED Screen
    • Apple TV
    • Custom Receptionist and Administrative Services"
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Welcome Home: Executive Office Suites in Miami, FL.

  • Perfect Location
  • Professional Image
  • Turn-Key Office
  • Prestigious address
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In the heart of downtown Miami, right across from Bayfront Park and down the street from American Airlines Arena, you’ll find Intelligent Office of Miami. Our office is 20 minutes away from both South Beach and Dadeland Mall, and getting here will be a breeze with easy access by way of the Metromover and Metrorail. Back in 1972, our building was the tallest in all of Miami. The structure held that accolade until 1984, though it’s still as iconic as ever – the building appears often on most postcards of the downtown Miami skyline. As a symbol of prosperity for the Cuban exile community, it remains an important signature of the city to this day.

But, you’re here to work, and we want to make getting that work done as easy as possible. You’ll have access to covered parking, a gym, customized receptionist and administrative services, meeting rooms, private offices, and technology like Apple TV (and high-speed Internet, of course). We’re ready to help you take your business to the next level, so give us a call today!

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What are Executive Office Suites?

Executive office suite rentals in Miami, FL fall under the umbrella of virtual office spaces. And a virtual office can be many things, but we like to keep our explanation simple: Intelligent Office’s virtual office solutions are an indispensable resource for the modern business owner.

When you rent an executive office suite, you suddenly have access to big-business infrastructure at a fraction of the price. Intelligent Office’s suites are beautifully appointed and fully-serviced, with cutting edge technology and the option to utilize innovative staffing solutions if you choose.

Your business needs office space, you need head space, and we provide both. All at a fraction of the cost it would take to maintain your own office.