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(905) 777-7800 1 Hunter Street East Ground Floor Hamilton, ON L8N 3W1
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Executive Office Suites
    • Perfect Location
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    • Turn-Key Office
  • 1 Hunter Street East
  • 1 Hunter Street East Ground Floor
    • We are based in an impressive state of the art building with beautiful landscaping and cutting-edge architecture.
  • Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood
    • Our office is located in Hamilton, On. Hamilton stands alone in southern Ontario as the only city that can offer all four modes of transportation – rail, road, air and port.
  • Amenities
  • Amenities
    • Intelligent Office Hamilton provides a wide array of services including:
    • Qualified Receptionists, reputable address and mailing services and pristine meeting spaces.
    • All services are customization to fit your business needs, offering a smart, affordable and easy way to work from home, or on the road.
    • Our offices are fully furnished and include unlimited reception courtesies, including drop-off/pick- up services, full internet access and so much more.
    • Technology today changes at lightning speed this is why we are always adapting to ensure that we offer our clients first rate service.
    • Our strive for excellence has ensured our clients grow their businesses to maximum potential, increasing profit and service all the while reducing overhead, allowing for
    • an improved work/life balance.
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Welcome Home: Executive Office Suites in Hamilton, ON.

  • Perfect Location
  • Professional Image
  • Turn-Key Office
  • Prestigious address
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At the westernmost end of Lake Ontario, wrapping around the lake and toward the Niagara Escarpment (also known as “the mountain” by locals), you’ll find the city of Hamilton, Ontario. Manufacturing gave the city it’s economic start, but nowadays the health sciences sector leads the way in innovation. Hamilton Health Sciences has a notable presence, though there’s no shortage of other services and industries represented here. That means you’ll be surrounded by other talented professionals growing their businesses and taking charge of their careers. Further, McMaster University and several additional colleges provide a talent pool of educated, hard-working individuals ready to make their mark. Tapping into professional networks like these is straightforward when you join a community like the one found at Intelligent Office of Hamilton.

We are strategically located in the center of downtown Hamilton directly across the street from the Hamilton Go Station and just a few minutes walk from City Hall and both courthouses. Additionally, we’re right around the corner from all Hamilton public bus stops and only 20 minutes from the John C. Munroe Hamilton International Airport. When it’s time to step out of the office you’ll love exploring Hamilton. We have the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the Canadian Football Hall of Fame, and so much more. If you want to wow a visiting client with something unique to Hamilton, try one of the many local art galleries — our arts scene is growing just as fast as your business.

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What are Executive Office Suites?

Executive office suite rentals in Hamilton, ON fall under the umbrella of virtual office spaces. And a virtual office can be many things, but we like to keep our explanation simple: Intelligent Office’s virtual office solutions are an indispensable resource for the modern business owner.

When you rent an executive office suite, you suddenly have access to big-business infrastructure at a fraction of the price. Intelligent Office’s suites are beautifully appointed and fully-serviced, with cutting edge technology and the option to utilize innovative staffing solutions if you choose.

Your business needs office space, you need head space, and we provide both. All at a fraction of the cost it would take to maintain your own office.