Executive Office Suites
(West Broadway)
(778) 371-3400 1285 West Broadway Suite 600 Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8
  • Executive Office Suites
  • Executive Office Suites
    • Perfect Location
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    • Turn-Key Office
  • 1285 West Broadway
  • 1285 West Broadway Suite 600
    • Our building is 8 levels high, the colour beige and developed in 1984. Recently we've updated our lobby, washrooms, HVAC system and exterior design. This building is up to date & modern. You will see 'Service Canada' near the entrance of our building, and Denny's directly across the street.
  • Neighborhood
  • Neighborhood
    • We are located in a business hub, surrounding other business buildings, restaurants and hotels. 'Service Canada' is on our buildings main level. We are just a few blocks away from the Granville Street Bridge. Bus routes are easily accessible, and a 5min bus ride away from the 'City Hall' sky train station stop. We offer a beautiful view of Downtown & the Harbour and is only a 5min drive to central downtown.
  • Amenities
  • Amenities
    • We offer High speed Internet & Wifi connection.
    • Hourly OR Monthly parking in our 4 Level parking garage, located directly under our building - Entrance off of Birch Street (side street).
    • In our Office Suite we supply many business amenities from printing/copying/scanning/faxing - Assisted OR Self serve.
    • High speed Internet.
    • Coffee/Tea/Water & Reception courtesies.
    • Also a range of meeting rooms - Window offices, Medium sized Boardrooms and a large Conference room.
    • Our building also offers a Gym - Included.
    • Lastly, we're surrounded by restaurants, but also we have different food trucks visit 4 days per week, they park in the front of our main entrance:) Convenient & Tasty!
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Welcome Home: Executive Office Suites in British Columbia.

  • Perfect Location
  • Professional Image
  • Turn-Key Office
  • Prestigious address
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What are Executive Office Suites?

Executive office suite rentals in British Columbia fall under the umbrella of virtual office spaces. And a virtual office can be many things, but we like to keep our explanation simple: Intelligent Office’s virtual office solutions are an indispensable resource for the modern business owner.

When you rent an executive office suite, you suddenly have access to big-business infrastructure at a fraction of the price. Intelligent Office’s suites are beautifully appointed and fully-serviced, with cutting edge technology and the option to utilize innovative staffing solutions if you choose.

Your business needs office space, you need head space, and we provide both. All at a fraction of the cost it would take to maintain your own office.