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Intelligent Office Expands Into Raleigh, NC


Intelligent Office, the Colorado-based shared office and executive suites company, is expanding into North Carolina with its first location coming to downtown Raleigh.

The owner of the new Raleigh franchise, Michael Johnson, has leased 4,500 square feet on the second floor of the new Charter Square office building at 555 Fayetteville St. in downtown Raleigh.

He says the space should be ready for move-in by the end of July.

Intelligent Office, like its national competitor Regus Office Suites, rents executive suite offices to business professionals, entrepreneurs and consultants who only need a small amount of office space for work.

But, Johnson explains that the 12 executive suites he'll have at Charter Square (each with a window view) will likely only be a small part of his business.

"Our focus is more on renting conference rooms on a hourly basis, or offices and work stations on an hourly basis, plus administrative services," he says.

Johnson will have on staff during all business hours at least three administrative assistants who can answer client phones, manage client calendars, even assist with inputting data for intake forms and expense reports. As the business grows, he says he has space for up to eight assistants.

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Finding The Right Virtual Office


Rockville, MD—In 1995, Colorado entrepreneur Ralph Gregory saw that technology was making it easy to work from almost anywhere. With professionals no longer tied to the traditional office, the concept of “teleworking” was already taking hold. So, like any entrepreneur worth his salt, Gregory asked himself how he could take a great idea and make it even better. The result was Intelligent Office, a nationwide chain of office suites and services that include “virtual offices.”

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Intelligent Office Announces New Location in Boise, Idaho


Intelligent Office, a virtual office facility providing administrative and staffing services for mobile executives, small businesses, professional services firms, and independent contractors, has announced it has signed a lease on a new location in Boise, Idaho.

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Intelligent Office Launches New Website & Tagline Emphasizing Business Staffing and Services


DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Intelligent Office, a professionally staffed provider of virtual office space and business services for mobile executives, small businesses, professional services firms, and independent contractors, announced the launch of its new website. The redesigned website represents a renewed emphasis by the company on its founding core value of differentiating through service – versus office space. The focus on value-added business services provided by its team of virtual assistants is further reflected by the company’s new tagline – “Your Staff. Your Office. Your Success.” The new website and tagline were designed to highlight the company’s core strategic advantage of staffing services through the use of design features that demonstrate key competitive differentiators.

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Workers Demand Social Media Rights


Employees no longer see using Facebook in the office as luxury or a business tool, but as a right, new research shows. A quarter of employees say they would not work for a company that banned social media at work. In total, nearly one-third of employees are spending an hour or more a day on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites during work hours, a study by virtual office space franchise Intelligent Office found.

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Do we need office space?


In a world increasingly dominated by smartphones, it seems natural that the workforce is developing into a mobile one. No longer do workers need to go to the office to accomplish their daily tasks. They can answer emails, conduct meetings, take notes and keep organized on a calendar — all on a device that is not much larger than a business card.

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The New Office is No Office


A new survey by the Intelligent Office, a provider of “virtual” office space to mobile workers and small businesses, points to one way that companies can improve engagement: Give employees the freedom to work where they want.

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Most Employees Take the Office on the Road


A survey by virtual office staffing agency Intelligent Office finds that more and more employees are choosing where they want to work, rather than being assigned a standard workplace location. Specifically, 70 percent of the employees surveyed work from alternate locations on a regular basis.

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'Entrepreneur' Title More Desirable Than 'CEO'


Of the 1,075 people responding to Intelligent Office’s Work IQ survey, not a single one expressed any desire of spending his or her career as an office leader. Nearly 65 percent said they preferred to be an entrepreneur or independent worker instead.

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CEO? No thanks. I'll choose entrepreneur


Fox Business is reporting on interesting findings from a Work IQ survey by Intelligent Office in which none of the respondents expressed a desire to be a CEO. Of the 1,075 people questioned, about 65 per cent preferred the title of entrepreneur or independent worker. "We believe there is a paradigm shift happening in our culture as it relates to work style," IO's COO Tom Camplese says.

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No More Coffee House Meetings


Small business owners and entrepreneurs that work out of their homes no longer need to rely on coffee houses like Starbucks (SBUX) to conduct periodic meetings. On demand offices and conference rooms are increasingly becoming more prevalent to fulfill business owners’ space needs.

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How co-working can save you money


There was a time in the mid-1990s when lots of people thought the conventional office building was doomed. The commercial property bubble had popped, a recession hit and, with the advent of the Internet, many figured the downtown towers and suburban office parks might never recover. We’d all soon be working from our homes.

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5 Must-Haves for Your Small Office


One of the first instincts for small-business owners should be to maximize efficiency and productivity in their office. Reducing clutter on desktops and having the proper filing and organizational tools are imperative.

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More Businesses Turn to 'Flexible' Office Space


The result is a soft real estate market with eager-to-please landlords, and as if telecommuting weren't enough to complicate the situation, there's yet another trend as bad for landlords as it good for small business: the so-called flexible work space.

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The virtual office does the job


Last year, Paul M. Klass of Brentwood embarked upon a new career -- actually his third in 28 years. It was a move made of necessity. An engineer, Klass was laid off in June 2009 from Long Island defense contractor BAE Systems. He was 49. After a yearlong, ...

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Canada Business Center Market Heats Up

3/1/2011 March 1, 2011 Intelligent Office is aggressively expanding its presence in Canada. During the fourth quarter of 2010 and the first quarter of 2011, Intelligent Office has added three new business centers.

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Classy Office Shares

8/22/2010 August 22, 2010 When people visit Matthew Maroney's office, they can't help but notice the prime location, the stunning architecture and the impeccably designed workspace.

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Office Space by the Hour


Financial Post May 2009 Brian Monteith Master Franchisee for Canada of Intelligent Office virtual offices talks about how his Toronto based business has been perfectly positioned for the current economy.

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"Home Away From Home"


Fast Company November 1, 2006 Wouldn't it be great if you could sit in a good-looking office for a few hours--with a real desk, high-tech amenities, and meeting space--instead of an airport lounge, hotel, or coffee bar?

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