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How to Use Case Studies in Your Small Business Marketing

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By Townes Haas   |    October 21, 2019   |    8:49 PM

Using Case Studies to Sell Your Products and Services

How do you know if a product or service is right for you?

If you’re like most modern consumers, you’ll look for social proof before making a purchase. Social proof, commonly in the form of online reviews or other testimonials, tell us that something works.

Your small business’s customers think similarly. Before they spend their money, they want to know if there are other happy buyers.

A great way to showcase positive testimonials is through case studies, which tend to be longer resources that people can view on your website. These assets show prospects how your small business solves their problems, and they can be especially helpful for product-based businesses. 

To get started using case studies in your own marketing, continue reading for some tips that will help you get started.

How case studies work

Small business case studies use a simple formula. To analyze how a customer uses your product or service:

  • Describe the challenge your customer faced.
  • Explore the solutions they considered.
  • Explain the reasons they chose what you offer.
  • Share the results that your customer experienced after their purchase.

When you reference each of these key points in a case study, you’ll provide a compelling reason for other people to buy your solutions. 

How to use case studies on your website

Your website is your business’s online home. It’s where customers and prospects will come to learn more about your company and what it offers. That’s why it’s important to include a variety of content that will help build trust with your brand, including case studies.

Here are some ways to incorporate case studies right onto your website:

  • Display and link to them on the homepage — it’s the first place visitors will land, so you want them to see social proof right away.
  • Create a dedicated page just for case studies. The title alone is often enough to pique curiosity and earn clicks. 
  • Try a ‘lite’ version of a case study: Ask customers for 2-3 sentences about how your business helped them. Display these short testimonials on pages throughout the site.

Don’t limit case studies to your website, however. They’re also effective when shared on social media, used in email newsletters, and utilized by your internal sales team when out in the field. 

Another option is to publish case studies on your company’s blog. Do a write-up that introduces all of your case studies, pulling out impactful quotes, data, and other pieces of essential information. 

You can also get creative with the medium you use. For example, video case studies can be more engaging and eye-catching than a long, wordy document.

Use a DIY website builder to easily update content on your company’s website

While many companies hire professional website developers to create and maintain their websites, you can also get started on your own using a website builder. 

These are four of the easiest DIY website builders around, and they’ll be more than enough to help you get started. These tools also make adding new case studies a breeze, so keeping your website up-to-date is easy. 

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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