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1515 Wynkoop St. , Suite 360
Denver, CO  80202

Coworking Space in Denver - LoDo


Personal Business Concierge

When you need quick help ordering lunch for a meeting or making last minute copies, we’ve got you covered with the support you need. Forget work hard, play hard — work smart, play more.

24/7 Secure Access

Free yourself from the confines of a 9 to 5 schedule and grow your business on your own timeline. Your coworking space will be waiting for you, whenever you need to work.

High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi

Intelligent officing is all about taking what you already do, then making it better and more effective. That’s why fast Internet isn’t an option, it’s an essential ingredient for success.

Flexible & Affordable Plans/Membership

There’s a reason we love the phrase “on demand”. Because you only pay for what you need, when you need it, our pricing is affordable, flexible, and customized for all modern businesses.

On Demand Phone Reception Services (Professional, Live-Answer)

Our team gets to know your company. So, while you’re finishing up that big project, you’ll know that those important client and prospect calls are always answered, and you’ll never miss an opportunity.

On Demand Administrative Support Services

Think top-notch administrative support is only available to large companies? Not anymore. Our Intelligent Assistants are a skilled local extension of your team. They can help with a myriad of administrative tasks from appointment scheduling to booking travel and so much more.

On Demand Private Office Rentals (Hourly, Part-time, Full-Time)

Sometimes, coworking makes you feel energized and inspired to act out your business’s success story. Other times, you’d prefer on demand access to private, individual office space.

On Demand Professional Meeting & Conference Rooms

Whether you need to wow a client during a presentation or gather the whole team in one spot, there’s a perfect, distraction-free meeting space, whenever you need it.

65” Presentation Flat Screen Monitor

When we say our virtual office spaces are fully equipped, we mean it. Set your presentations up for success by displaying them in the best possible light.

White Boards

We want to help you office more intelligently, so the smallest details matter. Technology is vital, but sometimes you just need to write things out. That’s why your new coworking home has wall-mounted and mobile white boards for brainstorming and creating.

Collaboration Space

It’s easy to get work done independently while coworking, but you can also team up in the collaboration space. Your business will thrive when you gain insight from your neighbors who work in other businesses and industries, too.

File Storage

Coworking spaces are open-office arrangements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t securely store important documents and files at the office. Your company has a home, and so does your paperwork.

Copy, Scan, Fax, Shredding Services

When it comes to coworking with us, all you have to bring is your laptop. We have everything else you’ll need to handle important paperwork… even fax machines.

Business Address & Mail Services

Position your business in the most flattering light with a prestigious office address, get some help handling incoming mail, and establish a local business footprint. It’s all another way to office intelligently.

Access to “Member” Services and Rates

We value the Intelligent Office community, so members receive preferred rates for office space rentals. Conference rooms, hourly offices, and other meeting spaces are all available at discounted rates.

IO Lounge Work Bar

When it comes to your office, it’s important to choose the setup that leads to your best work. If you like to sit and stand, try out the “sit-to-stand” work stations at the work bar.

Coffee, Tea, Snacks

Enjoy access to all of the caffeine (and snacks) you need to get your best work done, it’s all part of your membership.

Downtown Denver — LoDo!

Denver’s oldest neighborhood has it all — a thriving business footprint, well-known restaurants, public transportation access, and so much more. LoDo is waiting to welcome you, and your business, home.

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If you’re ready for a hyper-productive, distraction-free, and collaborative work environment, Intelligent Office coworking spaces give you on demand access to fully-equipped office space… and endless possibilities for business growth. There are a million different ways to run your business. But, when you combine perks like access to top-notch support services, the latest technology, and a talented network of fellow coworkers, you can be sure you’ll get your best work done whenever you come into the office.


Increase your productivity by working intelligently and sharing ideas/values with other like-minded individuals in an open office environment.

Love Where You Work

A welcoming atmosphere along with modern decor make Intelligent Office a fun yet productive place to cowork.

On Demand Administrative Services

Choose additional services, such as having a virtual receptionist to answer your phone calls while you take care of growing your business.

Meeting Space

Along with a desk, you have access to as needed conference rooms, smaller meeting rooms, or even an executive suite for client meetings.

Multitask with Ease

Thanks to a full suite of virtual business services, multitasking has never been simpler. Work on your business, meet with clients, and then have an Intelligent Assistant answer your calls and manage your calendar. It’s that easy.

Work-Life Balance

As a business owner, separating work from your personal life is tough. A coworking space puts balancing those two important priorities on autodrive, so work can stay at the office.

Turn Key

Easy access to plenty of office resources including printers, copiers, scanners, and other office equipment which make getting your tasks done easier.

No Distractions

While many coworking spaces tend to have loud environments, Intelligent Office offers a quieter, more professional environment, allowing you to get your work done efficiently and effectively.

Unleash Your Productivity -- No Foosball Tables Needed

Foosball tables and beer taps are fun, but we’d rather equip you with an office that’s purposefully designed for productivity. Your fellow coworkers are welcoming, but this is mainly a distraction-free place where you can grow your business.

Network Across Industries

Coworking spaces bring people from diverse industries together in one collaborative, friendly place. You’ll grow your network organically by working alongside other driven professionals in a fresh and inspiring environment.


Whiteboards are great for brainstorming and organizing, but we take it a step further. Your new coworking home is equipped with the space and tools you need to bring your next big idea to life.

Success Fuel

Enjoy the in-office kitchen stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks (at select locations).


1 Day $39 day pass
Grand Opening 30 Days FREE
Unlimited $329 monthly 24/7 access


Small (3 person) $1,295 per month
Large (4 person) $1,395 per month

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