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Walnut Creek, CA

2950 Buskirk Ave. Suite 300
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

How Do You Know When to Expand Your Business?

Running a small business is hard, stressful work. The U.S. Census Bureau says that while about 400,000 new businesses are being created annually, some 470,000 are closing. So you've made it—congratulations!

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Engage More Customers with Google My Business

Google has always been on the leading edge of the search business, but because the company has numerous search platforms that focus on “local search," and competition from sites like Yahoo, Yelp and Tripadvisor, getting attention for a small business could be challenging. Google's local search functions were also often branded with lots of different names and functions, so telling the difference between Google + , Google Places, Google Maps and Google Local could be dizzying.

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Cloud Computing: Where in the Air is Right for your Business?

It is almost impossible these days to operate a business without delving into some aspect of cloud computing. You wouldn't think of opening a business today without tapping into the benefits and applications offered by the Internet, so why would you ignore a major resource like cloud computing? According to the Gartner Hype Cycle, which measures the commercial viability of information technology, cloud computing has reached a maturity that makes it viable for nearly any commercial use. Let's take a closer look at the technology and a few popular providers.

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Choosing the Right Business Partner for your Company

Often, small businesses don't have the resources to expand into related verticals. However, a mutually beneficial partnership with another company can expand business for both—for example, a marketing agency outsourcing to a video production company. Other reasons to bring on a partner firm could have to do with skill gaps. Certain functions are essential to running a business and it may make more sense to outsource those services. You may have a terrific product but not enough expertise to efficiently manage sales channels or deliver your product. Sales and marketing is another expertise that is hotly debates by small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs alike. It doesn't matter how great your business is if no one knows about it, and no one is born with a natural ability to create a market—it's a skill that has to be practiced and honed over time. Even just making the money (collecting from customers, paying vendors and employees) may be an area where it's easier to partner with a full service company like Indinero that can more easily and accurately manage your back office.

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5 Ways to Keep Things From Getting Dull at the Office

Is your office environment quiet? Boring? Uninteresting? Humdrum? Is the environment so silent that you can hear a pin drop down the hall? If you office is downright dull, it might be difficult to keep employees motivated.

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Reasons Entrepreneurs Need to Relax More

Being told "you need to relax" might seem like a comical statement to many entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs don't have time to relax. Do they?

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10 Ideas to Make Your Employees Feel Appreciated This Employee Appreciation Day

Fun and Engaging Ideas and Events for Employee Appreciation Day

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Is Your Company Utilizing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy?

Is Your Company Utilizing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Policy?

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Why Even Mobile Entrepreneurs Need a Physical Address

The Importance of a Business Physical Address

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7 Must-Keep Business Goals for the New Year

Identifying Attainable Small Business Resolutions for 2015

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Virtual Offices: How They Can Save Money – and Your Image

Why Virtual Offices are Great Alternatives to Physical Office Space for Financial Advisors

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Pros and Cons of Working From Home

The idea of working from a home office sounds very appealing to many people. When you work from home, you never have to get out of your pajamas! You can lie in bed while you conduct important business transactions! You can cook and clean while you're trying to work! Sound about right? Maybe not.

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Top Apps Business Travelers Should Use to Stay on Top While on the Road

Traveling for business is not always easy. If you travel to the same few cities every time you have to leave town for work, you might be used to the routine. But constantly being on the road, especially if you are entering foreign territory every time, can be a true challenge. Luckily, there are many apps for your smartphone that are designed to help you with just about anything you can imagine. Need to locate a bank? Want to find a convenient hotel room? Need access to free WiFi? No matter what you need, there's sure to be an app available to help make your life easier when you travel for work.

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Small Business Win: Advertising on LinkedIn

It is hard to believe that LinkedIn, the premium professional social networking site, is more than 10 years old. In 2014 alone, the company boosted its number of users to over 300 million. Perhaps just as surprising is that the company, with profits that jumped over 30 percent in 2014, reported that company page use went up from 24 percent to 57 percent. Just having a company page—which doesn't cost a penny and frequently appears at the top of many Google searches for companies—is virtually free exposure. But why stop there? LinkedIn has rapidly become one of the hottest markets in the world for advertising, with some industry experts predicting that it could very well become a one billion dollar marketplace in the near future. That makes the social network an ideal target for business-to-business (B2B) advertising. Let's take a look at how to get started advertising on LinkedIn.

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Companies With Low Employee Turnover - How Do They Do It?

Not only can it be difficult for companies to find high-quality and dedicated employees, it can also be challenging to retain such employees once they are hired. Why? Today's employees are very different from the type of employees that existed several decades ago. In the past, employees did not move to different cities as frequently, they were more apt to stick with an employer even if they did not necessarily mesh well with the corporate culture, and they were more committed to the concept of employer-employee loyalty.

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Location, Location, Location: The Importance of Business Location

How Your Business' Physical Location Could be Hurting the Bottom Line

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Developing a Mobile App for Your Business

The technical “nuts and bolts" of developing a mobile application to serve your business model and customers can seem daunting. However, if you take the right steps in the right order—thinking out “why" for your mobile app long before worrying about the “how" —you may very well find that creating a mobile app for your business can be a lucrative and sensible investment in the future success of your enterprise.

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