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How Business Consultants Benefit from Virtual Offices

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By Billy McCall   |    February 1, 2019   |    6:01 PM

Working from home as a consultant can be absolutely wonderful: you set your own hours and save tons of time not having to commute to and from the office. 

However, it’s also important to present a professional image when meeting with your clients. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of virtual office spaces for consultants. You may even be able to find ways for virtual offices to help your clients’ bottom lines.

A dedicated office space is more professional than a home office or coffee shop

This benefit can’t be overstated: a dedicated, professional office space creates a better impression than meeting clients in a home office or coffee shop.

With a virtual office consultants can meet their clients in an appropriate business setting. They can enjoy a productive and quiet meeting without the buzzing of coffee grinders or the dog barking when that Amazon Prime order gets delivered. 

Virtual offices take away stress for important meetings

Consider this example: You need to put on an important presentation for the client. The technology is complex, and you also want a fully-catered lunch. With the right virtual office there won’t be a single snafu getting that set up. They’ll set aside the conference room, have the HD monitor ready, and have coffee waiting. Your clients will get the impression that your business is much larger than it actually is and your meeting will be more productive.

You can even schedule these sorts of meetings on the fly, without a lot of advance notice.

Consultants can schedule virtual office services exactly when they need them

In the life of a consultant no two days are the same, and there’s the occasional need for a last minute request. Have you ever scrambled to do any of the following tasks before a client meeting?

  • Send out meeting invites to all attendees.
  • Call your client before the meeting to confirm attendance.
  • Find a professional setting to meet at where everyone will be comfortable.
  • Make copies of your presentation or other important documents for clients to easily follow along.
  • Quickly schedule a follow-up meeting while your client is engaged and interested.

Renting professional office space isn’t just about the physical space, either, because top notch virtual office solutions will also have professional staff members who can help you with all of these last minute tasks. With a professional office space, and the a la carte services that come with many of the best virtual office providers, you can meet your consulting clients in an office that commands respect for the services you provide.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
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