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How a Virtual Office Can Help Lawyers

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By Townes Haas   |    August 7, 2015   |    12:35 PM

Learn More About How Virtual Offices Benefit Law Firms and Attorneys

Savvy attorneys already know how helpful virtual assistants can be in their law firms, but the benefits of virtual office solutions extend far beyond administrative support. Other flexible solutions, like executive offices or meeting spaces, can also help lawyers get their jobs done—faster and more affordably. In a changing and challenging legal landscape where clients expect more for their money, these virtual office solutions can help you get an edge over the competition.

Virtual offices have low overhead costs

The biggest perk of a virtual office is typically the cost savings, which can be incredibly attractive to solo attorneys and smaller law firms. You’ll gain access to premium meeting and office space, and you only pay for what you actually need and will use. Many attorneys utilize receptionists and assistants in their virtual offices, but it’s hardly required.

What is included in a virtual office? It will vary from company to company. You won’t need to purchase standard office equipment like desks and printers, for example, as it’s typically included in your contract fee. Do you like to offer your clients coffee or tea when they arrive? Many virtual offices offer that as a standard feature, too.

Favorable rental terms with a virtual office

When you sign a lease in a traditional office building you’ll typically be signing on for an entire year or more. With virtual offices the rental terms are far less stringent, and in many cases you can pay month-to-month. However, always be sure to review the details of your contract before signing. Some companies require months of advance notice before you can cancel.

Access to office space on-the-go

If you sign a virtual office rental agreement with a larger company there’s a good chance that the organization will have offices throughout the country, and some virtual office companies even have international locations. If you have to travel for work this is an excellent benefit, but having access to different locations can even be helpful within your home region, too. Large metro areas often have several virtual office branches that can bring attorneys closer to clients, the courthouse, and colleagues.

Being able to work from multiple locations across the U.S. isn’t just for smaller firms, either. Large law firms can also benefit from this feature of virtual offices.

Virtual offices foster a professional image

Appearances are important, especially in the legal world. Clients will feel more comfortable meeting with their attorney in a professional office space or meeting room, two important parts of any virtual office space. Additionally, having a commercial address can be a massive boost for a business’s image and many virtual offices are located in premium neighborhoods with addresses to match. Displaying a well-regarded address on your business cards is superior to listing your home address, after all.

Plus, receiving those boxes of discovery documents at a commercial address is far simpler than sorting through them at home.

Connect with other attorneys in a virtual office

Working as a solo attorney, or even within a very small firm, can feel quite isolating. These feelings are often compounded in recent graduates who have decided to strike out on their own as well. Virtual offices can help lawyers foster connections with other legal professionals, and those connections can become invaluable.

It’s not just about networking within your own industry, either. There’s a lot of variety within virtual office spaces, and you’ll likely interact with professionals from a variety of industries.

Are you an attorney who uses virtual office space for business? Share your experiences in the comments below!
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