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Success Stories

Intelligent Office can help your business grow while maximizing efficiency and curbing costs. Learn how diverse clients are benefiting from our customized virtual office services!

Business Address Service

A financial services advisory firm based in Marin County wanted to expand their customer base in San Francisco, so they are using our mailing address as their second “location.” Now their website, business cards and brochures have a San Francisco address, which helps them get more clients. The San Francisco address has also increased the visibility and ranking of their website, Yelp page and Google search. The result: higher lead flow and sales.

Business Identity

A law firm seeks to establish a business presence in San Francisco. The partners want to project a professional image but without the high overhead costs of maintaining a full-time, staffed office. We provide an address, a 415 phone number answered live by our specially trained receptionists, and meeting facilities. The attorneys meet clients and conduct depositions at our location, which is highly accessible and conveys an enhanced professional identity for their business. We also forward their mail on a regular basis so they do not miss important documents.

Virtual Receptionist/Assistant Service (Trades, Professional Services, and Medical Office Categories)



One of our virtual receptionist clients is the number No. 1 rated painter on Yelp. He runs a 25-person painting company that can sometimes be booked out for months in advance. Despite his high call volume, his work ethic emphasizes quality over quantity. Our virtual receptionists qualify a large volume of calls for him to ensure the right fit. Positive customer service is something this client values, even when it is a job that has to be turned down, and we are professional and courteous when telling a customer they do not meet the painter’s requirements. We also provide answers to basic questions about the company, its services, and availability. We’re able to relieve the owner of having to personally deal with so many calls while providing him the important information he needs and taking excellent care of his customers.


A very popular locksmith company with three locksmiths on staff uses our service to take calls and schedule appointments. If you can’t get in touch with a locksmith when you need one, you are definitely calling the next one you find, which presents a serious problem for the No. 1 locksmith company on Yelp in San Francisco, which receives numerous calls a day. Since we answer the phone and schedule their appointments, they no longer worry about losing potential business, and they can drive without distraction and concentrate on their current jobs. Now they just respond to our text messages (when they are not driving) and have their appointments seamlessly scheduled. We frequently deal with distressed callers on their behalf, who have either been locked out of their homes or suffered a break-in, and we handle their situation sensitively, reassuring them that a locksmith will be there as soon as possible. With our knowledge of their business, we can also explain their services and pricing over the phone, which helps qualify callers based on their needs, price, and location.

Sign Company

New customers are great for our sign maker client, but the company needed help with getting all the customer’s information and following up accordingly. These busy employees are all over the Bay Area doing estimates and installing signs throughout the day, and it can be difficult to get customer information between jobs. Now we ask all new customers a series of specific questions, then email the information to our sign makers. That way they have a chance to qualify the lead and check out the job before responding, which allows them to be better prepared when following up. Moreover, since we get an email address as well as a phone number, they can contact the prospect in multiple ways. These days they spend less time answering the phone and following up, and more time doing what they do best – making and installing signs.

Appliance Repair

We help our appliance repairman stay organized and on top of his appointments. With us scheduling for him, he is less likely to forget an appointment since he isn’t trying to schedule one while working. This service also allows him to focus his attention on current jobs, rather than getting distracted trying to schedule new clients. In addition, we intercept problem callers and advise him of what their issues are. While we listen to callers who may take longer to explain their problems, he can maximize his productivity: he spends less time dealing with preliminaries and more time satisfying his customers by fixing their appliances in a timely manner. We also screen out callers who do not want to pay the trip fee or who live outside of his service area. Finally, we weed out telemarketers and get his business taken off their lists.


A plumber cannot always get to the phone during jobs, but what can he do when not able to answer? Our plumber client doesn’t want callers finding the next plumber in the phone book and booking an appointment with a competitor. With Intelligent Office, he simply trained us to schedule his different repair jobs the way he wants. Now he can focus on the customer during jobs rather than answering calls. His productivity is maximized and new customers are scheduled in his calendar. We have filled up his calendar with appointments and he sometimes has to switch our service off so he doesn’t get too busy!

Professional Services

Financial Planner

Our service allows a financial planning company to have their phones answered promptly and professionally all day. One financial advisor has homes in different cities and also works from a San Francisco office so he needs his calls to “follow him.” We help him maintain a strong professional image by quickly transferring calls to his current location so his clients can always reach him seamlessly. We also screen calls for VIPs who require immediate contact, which ensures that they receive the best service. Calls are announced exactly how the financial planner prefers: for example, first name, last name and company name.

Law Firm #1

One of our attorneys works at two different locations during the week but wants to project the professional image of being available at both offices on any given day. Our service provides that flexibility for her. She is also able to work off-site since we can send callers to her voicemail or pass along messages by email or text. Instead of being tied down to one desk phone, she can check her voicemail messages at any time at her convenience. Her paralegal benefits as well by having the attorney check his voicemails for him – something she can do by using our voicemail system. That way the paralegal only has to take calls that are of utmost importance.

Law Firm #2

Being a solo attorney can be challenging, particularly with a growing practice. Another one of our lawyers has to manage all of her existing clients while seeking new business, which is especially difficult when some of her current clients demand a lot of her time. We help her manage this challenge by performing follow ups with her clients so she doesn’t need to spend 15 - 30 minutes on the phone with each of them. We also ensure that new clients are scheduled for consultations or get more information about her practice.

Real Estate Professional

The real estate industry in the Bay Area is very competitive. Having worked as a realtor with another firm for years, a professional in the business now wants to go out on his own. Managing everything by himself, however, can be very challenging and time consuming. We have helped our real estate client with online postings for his properties, and handle routine tasks that used to take up a substantial portion of his valuable time, freeing him to meet with more clients and survey more properties. We are also able to perform follow ups to update his customer database so he knows if his customers have already found property or if their needs have changed. Our services allow him to focus on his most important clients.

Medical Offices

Therapist Group

A group of master-level therapists who work in a shared office environment needed help running their growing practice. They wanted to ensure that new patients were taken care of immediately; they knew that relying on voicemail would mean losing business as well as risk making them appear unprofessional in cases where clients were referred to them by doctors or other healthcare practitioners. But budget constraints did not allow hiring a full-time receptionist. We provide someone who answers calls promptly in a polite and professional manner, provides information about each therapist’s area of expertise, schedules appointments, sends out e-mail confirmations, and even speaks with insurance companies. Our virtual office assistants understand the sensitive nature of callers seeking therapy and treat these calls with the utmost care based on the therapists’ training. Besides maximizing effective communication and organization among the therapists and their clients, we have earned a 74% conversion rate of new callers who schedule appointments and consultations. We also collaborated on their marketing campaigns. Now their major challenge is being too booked!


A very established chiropractor realized that she was losing new patients who called when her assistant was sick or on vacation. Intelligent Office provides her with backup phone coverage. Now when her assistant is out, she can turn on Intelligent Office’s services so our receptionists can advise and schedule appointments for new patients. The cost of one or two days a month that she uses our service, easily pays for itself multiple times from the additional new patients that we schedule for her. Instead of her patients hearing voicemail, they get a friendly voice who can help them out. Her assistant even likes our service because she can come back from a sick day or vacation knowing that she won’t have to play catch up with patient rescheduling requests.

Medical Aesthetics

Nothing can ruin a great spa day for a customer like hearing a phone ring frequently. Our busy aesthetician gets multiple requests a day from new and existing patients. The continuous ring of her phone, while great for new business, was ruining the soothing environment she wanted for her patients. Now we help new and existing customers with their questions and concerns. We send her messages throughout the day about patient requests, allowing her to respond at her convenience. We are also able to screen out telemarketers who may interrupt her. We can give her the image she wants for her business by speaking calmly and making callers comfortable. Clients are reassured that their needs will be met by having a live person answer their calls, rather than leaving them to an automated voice message system.

Solo Psychologist

Being the only person in your own psychology practice can be tough—you have to worry about everything. One big challenge is that you cannot answer the phone during patient consultations. Intelligent Office helps one of our psychologist clients look more professional and makes sure every new patient who calls is scheduled correctly. We also provide insurance information or set up brief 15-minute consultations with the psychologist. That way he is better able to manage his schedule and only meets with qualified patients who are serious about seeking treatment. We can send out confirmation paperwork and follow up with his clients too.

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