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Why Even Mobile Entrepreneurs Need a Physical Address

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By Townes Haas   |    March 3, 2015   |    11:35 AM

The Importance of a Business Physical Address

Mobile entrepreneurs are always on the go – and they enjoy the lifestyle. They can work from anywhere in the world, connecting with customers across the globe. They'll set up shop in hotels, coffee shops or even parks – eliminating the need for an actual office and saving money.

While these types of entrepreneurs love their lifestyle, they may actually be hurting their business by not having a physical address. While stereotypes are changing, potential customers are still more likely to trust a business that they view as “real" – as in having an address.

Why a Physical Address is a Must

Beyond potential customers not having faith in engaging with a company with no address, there's also the “Google Effect" to consider. To show up in Google Local Searches, a business needs a physical address. Most people shop within a 20 mile radius. So if they're searching for services or products, they'll typically buy from their neighbor – the whole “Shop Local" effect.

Without a physical address, an entrepreneur's business won't show up in these searches, meaning that major business opportunities could be missed.

How to Overcome Not Having a Physical Address

So should a mobile entrepreneur plant roots and invest in office space? The answer is both yes and no. While a physical address is necessary, it's not necessary to spend thousands of dollars per month on brick and mortar space. It's still perfectly OK to work from anywhere and have the benefits of a physical address.

A virtual office provides businesses with a permanent location to list on business cards, websites and other materials, but they're a fraction of the cost of actual, physical office space. Businesses can receive mail at these addresses as well – eliminating the need to have everything shipped to the home address.

Benefits of a Virtual Office Beyond a Physical Address

These virtual spaces do more than just provide a mailing address. They can also be used for actual meetings, within some of the best zip codes. For example, a business can hold meetings in a real office located near major downtown areas.

These virtual office spaces can be rented both nation- and worldwide. The mobile entrepreneur can have a fully functional meeting space – with whiteboards, office phones and projectors – no matter where their business takes them.

Finally, these virtual offices come with receptionists. Someone will be available to meet guests and answer phones and questions. Another benefit is that an entrepreneur can ship meeting and conference materials to these addresses, and know that the materials are safe and secure.

While mobile entrepreneurs enjoy their nomadic lifestyles, they need to also consider the benefits of having a physical address. These addresses not only provide a professional appearance; they also offer benefits for meetings with current and potential clients.

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