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The Virtues of Renting Meeting Space

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By Townes Haas   |    May 13, 2015   |    9:04 AM

There are many virtues attached to renting a meeting room. First, if your company is a small business, you probably don't have the space needed to hold a big meeting anyway. Secondly, it's better to pay for space you're using at the time rather than constantly paying for space that may sit empty much of the time. Renting conference rooms is an ideal solution for a small to moderate-sized business to conduct meetings and benefit from the many advantages. Let's look at some of the reasons that conference room rentals should strongly be considered in place of conference calls, Skype sessions or virtual networking.

  1. Reduced Expenditures: Renting a conference room is a great tactic for reducing expenses for your business. Maintenance costs required for an on-site conference facility are eliminated, and the footprint of your office space shrinks accordingly.
  2. Space is always available: Most office buildings have a specific occupancy so on-site conference rooms are often booked during the most popular times. This may also force meetings into spaces that are not ideal. By renting a conference room, you can select a specific room size that allows for easy movement, personal space, and a collaborative environment.
  3. Geographical Convenience: In a city like Denver, Colorado, it can be exceedingly difficult to bring together parties from different parts of town. Having a consultant drive down from Boulder and a financial team come up from the Denver Tech Center to meet in the city's crowded downtown is not always ideal. By renting a conference room, you can decide which factors (free parking, public transportation, impressing the client, etc.) is most important to your meeting.
  4. Available Technology and Amenities: Advanced virtual offices and conference rooms have huge advantages over traditional conference space in terms of technology. The rentable conference rooms offered at Intelligent Office have high-speed Internet, a conference call-enabled phone, numerous smart boards, projectors, and standard amenities like coffee and tea. Moreover, Intelligent Office has a full-time support team of virtual assistants who can augment your meeting with catering, scheduling, follow-up calls and more.
  5. Professional meeting room set-up: Unlike public settings, coffee shops and restaurant backrooms, professional service providers like Intelligent Office set the tone you want to achieve in order to conduct business. It's easier to proceed with your strategy and content knowing that your meeting room rental liaison has taken care of the little things.
  6. Broader availability to clients: Breaking away from outmoded workspace and meeting room concepts can broaden your availability to clients. There are over 50 Intelligent Office locations throughout North America. Our professional sales staff, company liaisons and virtual office assistants make it easier than ever to bring your business to new customers and clients, bringing your firm not only a larger customer base and geographical spread, but also increased revenue and productivity.
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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

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