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Remote Work: How to Become a Remote Worker

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By Jessica Valdez   |    August 9, 2017   |    9:21 AM

Tips for Succeeding at Remote Work

According to recent surveys, 43 percent of Americans spent at least some time telecommuting last year. If you'd like to join their ranks, these tips will help you make remote work, work for you.

Making it Happen

To have a successful remote career, you will need to either negotiate an agreement with your current employer or strike out on your own. If your employer seems hesitant about remote work, try to sell him or her on the many benefits, citing relevant data wherever you can find it. You should also sell yourself during the proposal, stressing your record for productivity and trustworthiness. If you still meet resistance, try to arrange a trial run to prove the arrangement will work.

If you're planning to operate as an independent freelancer or consultant, you'll need to set aside enough cash to keep you afloat while you are gathering clients. You will also need to make sure you have the proper equipment and workspace necessary to meet your job requirements.

Making it Work

While it can be rewarding, remote work comes with all sorts of headaches and hassles. From distractions to isolation to communication problems, you will have to combat a number of difficulties on a daily basis. You can maximize your chances for success by adopting the following strategies:

Establish a routine. Successful remote work requires a consistent schedule. Without structure, you won't perform to your capabilities, and looming deadlines will take on seismic weight. Many people look forward to working outside conventional office environments, because they believe they will have the freedom to work as they please. While this is true in part, it's also important to acknowledge the motivational influence office administrators can have on your work ethic. Without oversight, you will need to set standards for yourself. A strict routine is a great way to ensure that you will live up to your professional expectations.

Over-communicate. Many business owners are reluctant to engage in remote work relationships, because they worry about communication issues. Ease these concerns by conducting frequent check-ins and one-on-ones. Whether it's a phone call, email or video conference, you need to stay engaged and in the loop. Since you work off-site, you may need to work extra hard to monitor the pulse of distant workplaces. Do whatever you can to stay relevant in the minds of the people who matter most.

Work outside your home. Because they tend to work out of their homes, remote workers can end up feeling isolated and uninvolved. This can promote depression that can sap productivity and overall well-being. Guard against this inevitability by working outside your home as much as possible. Instead of a noisy coffee shop, look into renting a virtual office or co-working space. Not only will this provide a more modern, efficient workspace; it will open the door to networking opportunities that will allow you to connect with business professionals from all sorts of related fields and industries.

Intelligent Office provides modern business solutions for today's remote workforce. Contact our office to learn how our virtual offices and co-working spaces can help you reach a higher level of success.

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