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Methods to Spur Creativity

Methods to Spur CreativityFire Up Your Creative Side With These Tips and Tricks

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6 Outdated Technologies Your Business Is Still Using

It is very challenging to stay up to date with office technology given how quickly things change these days, but some companies struggle more than others to keep up. Do you want to be the middle manager who dictates a memo so your secretary can type it up on her word processor before faxing it to a client? Or would you rather be the technology guru who conceptualizes an infographic that demonstrates your company's process cycle before uploading it to your wiki via the cloud? Let's meet the future halfway and look at five office technologies that are dead as a doornail and should be discarded at the earliest opportunity.

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Increase your Productivity with these Time-Saving Tips

The world-famous martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee once said, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done." That's never been more true than today when we are all constantly staring into a screen and downloading more information than we can successfully absorb. This time-consuming process can cause severe anxiety, fracture your concentration, and more importantly steal away your time. Time, you see, is one of the most valuable business resources but it's the one we spend the least amount of time thinking about (probably because we're too busy answering email, taking that phone call, looking at Facebook and generally being a tired, frustrated overclocked worker bee). There's also a reason why certain people are successful, whether they are captains of industry, technological innovators, or world-class athletes. It's because those people have constructed rigorous, ritualistic behaviors that help them maintain their focus. These few tips might only save you a few minutes each day, but when you add them up you will realize that small changes in behavior can actually make a huge impact on your productivity.

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Pros and Cons of Working From Home

The idea of working from a home office sounds very appealing to many people. When you work from home, you never have to get out of your pajamas! You can lie in bed while you conduct important business transactions! You can cook and clean while you're trying to work! Sound about right? Maybe not.

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Top Apps Business Travelers Should Use to Stay on Top While on the Road

Traveling for business is not always easy. If you travel to the same few cities every time you have to leave town for work, you might be used to the routine. But constantly being on the road, especially if you are entering foreign territory every time, can be a true challenge. Luckily, there are many apps for your smartphone that are designed to help you with just about anything you can imagine. Need to locate a bank? Want to find a convenient hotel room? Need access to free WiFi? No matter what you need, there's sure to be an app available to help make your life easier when you travel for work.

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Companies With Low Employee Turnover - How Do They Do It?

Not only can it be difficult for companies to find high-quality and dedicated employees, it can also be challenging to retain such employees once they are hired. Why? Today's employees are very different from the type of employees that existed several decades ago. In the past, employees did not move to different cities as frequently, they were more apt to stick with an employer even if they did not necessarily mesh well with the corporate culture, and they were more committed to the concept of employer-employee loyalty.

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9 Must-have Apps for the Mobile Business Owner

How Mobile Apps Can Help Streamline Your Business

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Using Lean Six Sigma to Expand Your Business

What is Lean Six Sigma and How Can It Help Your Startup?

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6 Suggestions to Make Meetings More Productive

How to Hold Meetings that Attendees Actually Find Useful

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9 Ways to Use Your iPad for Business Work

Your iPad as a Business Tool: Why It’s Essential for Small Businesses

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