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Why Virtual Offices Are the Perfect Solution for Non-profits and Charity Organizations

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit and charity-based organizations in the United States. That is a lot of people working hard for less money than they could earn in the private sector, just for trying to create some positive change in the world and help others in need. But it also means that there are at least one million organizations out there in America who are renting offices, paying for telecommunications support and Internet services, and even paying janitors to clean their offices, all when they really don’t need to. The concept of the traditional office is an outdated one. Much of the work of even fairly conservative nonprofits can be accomplished just as easily when nonprofit professionals are working from home, meeting at a central location, or working in the field. In fact, a virtual office may offer a nonprofit or charity organization enough benefits that they can spend more time working in the field with clients and less time at a desk working through the details of infrastructure and intake. Let’s look at some of the ways a nonprofit organization might utilize the features of a virtual office and then examine a rough timeline that demonstrates how a nonprofit might be able to pull the plug on their traditional office model.

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30 Things You Didn’t Know a Virtual Assistant Could Do

Increase Business Productivity by Outsourcing These Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

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Intelligent Office Partners with LiquidSpace and to Expand its Online Live Scheduling Service

Enables Anyone to Reserve Meeting and Conference Rooms and Executive Office Space at U.S. Intelligent Office Facilities Directly from LiquidSpace and

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The Virtues of Renting Meeting Space

There are many virtues attached to renting a meeting room. First, if your company is a small business, you probably don't have the space needed to hold a big meeting anyway. Secondly, it's better to pay for space you're using at the time rather than constantly paying for space that may sit empty much of the time. Renting conference rooms is an ideal solution for a small to moderate-sized business to conduct meetings and benefit from the many advantages. Let's look at some of the reasons that conference room rentals should strongly be considered in place of conference calls, Skype sessions or virtual networking.

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Why Even Mobile Entrepreneurs Need a Physical Address

The Importance of a Business Physical Address

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Virtual Offices: How They Can Save Money – and Your Image

Why Virtual Offices are Great Alternatives to Physical Office Space for Financial Advisors

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Location, Location, Location: The Importance of Business Location

How Your Business' Physical Location Could be Hurting the Bottom Line

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with a Virtual Office

How a Virtual Office Helps You “Go Green”

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Is Cloud Computing Secure?

How to Protect Assets in the Cloud

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The Rise of the Virtual Office

Why Small Businesses are Increasingly Utilizing Virtual Offices

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Executive Office Suites: Having a Professional Space on a Tight Budget

Why Executive Office Space Is a Good Alternative to a Traditional Office Space

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The Standing Desk Craze: Is It Right For You?

Standing desks have skyrocketed in popularity lately. Believers cite increased productivity, higher energy levels, less back pain, and other benefits as concrete proof that making the switch from sitting to standing is the best thing office workers can do for their health.

Before making the switch, it’s important that you understand the risks, too. You’ll likely have a long adjustment period before standing around all day feels normal and comfortable, and there are some health risks associated with being on your feet for eight or more hours each day.

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What is Virtual Office Space?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business owners often don’t have the working capital to afford a dedicated office. In fact, many businesses may only need an actual office space for occasional meetings or presentations. Still to maintain a professional appearance, many of these same businesses still rent office space, despite the costs of the lease and staff overhead.

An alternative to the traditional office space that is rapidly gaining popularity is a virtual office. A relatively new concept, the virtual office space has all the amenities of a regular office – WiFi, landlines, conference rooms and even staff. The difference, however, is that you are renting the whole kit and caboodle for a set price from a virtual office space provider. For a low cost, you can use the space for an hour or two, or on daily or weekly basis.

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