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7 Up-and-Coming DIY Marketing Tools

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By Townes Haas   |    March 27, 2015   |    9:21 AM

New DIY Marketing Apps for Small Businesses

It's a new year and time to start thinking of new ways to affordably market a business to new customers. While agencies and in-house marketing staff can assist with these efforts, these avenues can be extremely expensive, especially for small businesses.

An alternative to staff and agencies are DIY marketing tools, and there are a number of fresh-to-market ones that are getting props from both users and critics.

  • BuzzSumo: This tool has been popping up on several top lists for a number of reasons. It's a comprehensive SEO tool that allows users to find topics and content in which users are most interested. This SEO analytics tool is also relatively easy to use. Users simply type in the keyword or phrase that they want to research, and the tool provides a detailed report on how well this content has performed in the past. It can also be used to find key influencers in the target market. BuzzSumo is also relatively inexpensive for small businesses in comparison to other analytics tools.
  • Autosend: Autosend is a great way to connect with website visitors. Based on the users behavior on a given website, they'll receive a personalized message either via email or text. It even automates with tools that many people are currently using, including Stripe and Unbounce.
  • Woobox: For most non-marketers, creating social media campaigns is a nightmare. Woobox addresses this problem by helping small businesses build their own social promotions, including creating coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways, polls and similar promotions. Businesses can even quickly build Facebook apps and monitor Facebook analytics.
  • ReferralSnip: Most small businesses thrive off of word of mouth referrals. Setting up referral programs, however, can be extremely time-consuming, especially for a busy entrepreneur. This is where ReferralSnip comes in. This program allows users to add a “Refer a Friend" widget to any link. Users can then send this link to their current customers and colleagues to get new leads.
  • Voodoo Alerts: If a person is not an analytics wizard, then it might be hard to tell why people aren't converting on a website. Voodoo Alerts helps users identify why people aren't performing desired actions. It monitors site traffic and then sends an automated alert when a conversion issue is identified.
  • Tropical: Every business wants to know their customers intimately, but navigating through all the different data from all the different channels can be time-consuming. The goal of Tropical is to gather all of this disparate data and pull it together into a single customer profile. Users can view a customer timeline, activities and personal information.
  • Cyfe: Tired of going to different dashboards to see the company's social media analytics? Then Cyfe may be the answer for you. This tool allows users to create custom social media dashboards to track anything that they want. It features pre-built widgets for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, and consumers can also build their own widgets. It can also be used to track other metrics like web analytics, sales and projects.

New DIY marketing tools are always coming out, but these are some of the best to recently hit the market. Many come with a free trial, and businesses should try out the product before investing in flat or monthly feels.

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