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5 Reasons Hiring a Virtual Assistant Was My Best Business Investment: Medical Professionals

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By Jake Nordquist   |    July 17, 2017   |    9:47 AM


The Benefits of Virtual Assistants for Medical Professionals

Medical professionals across specialities are realizing the value of using virtual assistants to help them run their businesses, provide top-notch customer support to patients, and more.

If you’re a medical professional who’s considering hiring a virtual assistant, keep reading! We’re going to share 5 of the top reasons why virtual assistants are one of the best investments medical professionals like you have ever made for their businesses.

1. “My office’s administrative tasks, like billing and filing, are finally up to speed and running smoothly.”

As a medical provider, you’re undoubtedly focused on providing care to your patients. But, your office still needs running. It’s easy to let these tasks pile up, too.

Virtual assistants will take care of things like data entry, including updating and maintaining files. They can order office supplies, maintain your calendar, and ensure that billing is always current.

2. “My patients are receiving a better standard of care now that I’ve hired a virtual assistant.”

Virtual assistants who are familiar with the medical industry are uniquely equipped to handle a variety of patient-care and customer service tasks. Whether your office provides chiropractic care, dental services, psychology care, or something else, you and your patients can get the help you need.

These highly-trained professionals can handle phone traffic for scheduling, rescheduling, patient questions, and more. They can provide appointment reminders, follow up with patients, handle patient intake, verify insurance eligibility, troubleshoot insurance appeals, and myriad other tasks.

3. “I don’t have to fully train new staff members or deal with the hiring process, and it’s saved me so much time.”

Hiring and training new employees is time-consuming and stressful. When you use a virtual assistant, however, you won’t have to manage that process. There will be a training period where you’ll help your assistant get up to speed on things that are specific to your practice, but they’ll be fully capable of working with autonomy in no time.

4. “I’m still surprised by how affordable getting virtual assistant help for my medical office is.”

Hiring a virtual assistant is a cost-effective solution to getting the business help you need. You don’t have to pay health insurance costs or other benefits, for example. The time you save not having to hire and train can also amount to big cost savings.

5. “Virtual assistants can handle far more than I ever realized. I can’t believe the wide range of tasks and projects they’re able to complete.”

If you need help with accounting and payroll, there’s a virtual assistant who can take care of that for you.

Or, maybe you need an assistant who’s a pro when it comes to scheduling your time between different practices.

Perhaps you need an assistant for a short time, such as when a long-term employee goes on maternal, paternal, or sick leave. Because virtual assistant services are “on-demand” and fully customized you have the option of using them only when needed. That could be for a week, month, several months, or longer. The terms are completely up to you.

You might also be wondering about HIPAA compliance, and there’s good news there, too. Virtual assistants, like our intelligent assistants, are able to maintain your highest HIPAA compliance.

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