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by Garrett Spence
9/18/2015 1:16:12 PM

Increase Business Productivity by Outsourcing These Tasks to a Virtual Assistant

If you think that a virtual assistant is best-suited for tasks like answering the phone and receiving mail, then think again. Virtual assistants are well-equipped to handle a variety of different tasks, from simple to complex, and they can give your business a serious boost in productivity… and profits.

From creating a marketing game plan to maintaining your website, here are 30 things you didn’t know a virtual assistant could do.

Website and blog-related tasks for a virtual assistant

If logging into your website’s backend gives you serious stress ulcers, it may be time to consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle those tasks.

1. Website or blog setup.

2. Edit your website’s pages for grammar, spelling, consistency, and more.

3. Do basic SEO (search engine optimization) on your site’s blog posts and pages.

4. Handle website updates.

5. Create weekly or monthly blog posts that drive traffic to your business’s web presence.

6. Moderate blog comments.

Marketing-related tasks for a virtual assistant

While your website is a part of your marketing efforts, your work hardly ends there. Keeping up with marketing is an important part of doing business, but it’s easy to neglect marketing when other projects come up. Thankfully, a virtual assistant can be a massive marketing asset.

7. Maintain your social media accounts, from LinkedIn to Facebook.

8. Set up your business’s social media accounts if you don’t already have them.

9. Create and pin Pinnable images from blog posts for Pinterest, if your social media efforts could benefit from the site.

10. Help create and/or update your company’s marketing plan and see that the plan is acted upon.

11. Handle direct mail campaigns, including everything from printing off documents to stuffing envelopes.

12. Schedule and send your e-newsletter. They may even be able to help write it, too.

13. Track and report your marketing statistics, including leads, social media followers, and more.

Bookkeeping-related tasks a virtual assistant can handle

If you’re lax about keeping your books up to date a virtual assistant can be a big help in keeping everything on track. You’ll save a ton of time, too.

14. Track and pay utility, rent, or other bills.

15. Follow up on unpaid client invoices.

16. Create and send invoices.

17. Enter receipts and other expenses into your accounting software.

18. Create simple reports using your accounting software.

Maintain client relationships with the help of a virtual assistant

You appreciate and value your clients, but a reminder can make them feel extra-valued. Use a virtual assistant to go the extra mile in maintaining client relationships.

19. Send thank you notes or postcards at the completion of a project.

20. Create and send welcome packages to new clients.

21. Maintain and update a database of addresses.

22. Purchase and send yearly holiday cards.

Other tasks for a virtual assistant

The more you learn about virtual assistants, the more likely you are to come up with a hefty list of ideas that you could use some help with.

23. Data entry.

24. Online research for new or ongoing projects.

25. Schedule meetings and send reminders to attendees.

26. Research and book travel.

27. Personal errands.

28. Project management, including tracking deadlines and deliverables.

29. Transcribe audio files.

30. Take notes and/or meetings during meetings.

Virtual assistants can be useful in many ways! What tasks did you outsource to them? Share your experiences with other business owners in the comments!

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