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14 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Help Freelancers Stay Organized

By Townes Haas   |    August 31, 2016   |    9:33 AM

Freelancers, You Can Use Virtual Assistants to Get More Done

Being a freelancer can keep your schedule packed 24/7. But, regardless of your industry, a virtual assistant (VA) can help you manage all areas of your workload, so that you stay productive and organized.

Virtual assistants make client management easier

Here are some of the top ways a virtual assistant can help you manage your client relationships.

1. Create and send invoices

VA’s can easily create and send your monthly invoices, and many are well-versed in popular accounting softwares like Quickbooks and Freshbooks.

2. Distribute new client welcome packages

When you add a new client, do you send them a welcome package each time? Virtual assistants can take care of client onboarding for you.

3. Distribute client “goodbye” packages

You probably don’t call your project culmination materials a goodbye package, but regardless of phrasing, VAs can make wrapping up a project far less time consuming. Have yours send out a post-project survey, for example.

Social media management tasks for a VA

As a freelancer, it’s important for you to maintain your online reputation. If you’re a freelancer who manages the social media reputations of your clients, a virtual assistant can help with that, too.

4. Post to social media

Let a VA take over social media postings to help free up your time for other projects. They can also schedule posts.

5. Create posts and graphics for social media

Similarly, a virtual assistant can create posts and graphics for social media accounts. If you aren’t skilled with graphic design this can be a great way to give your content some visual appeal.

6. Run a contest

Whether it’s for you or a client, VAs can help you run special, one-time events like social media contests.

7. Set up Facebook ads

Running effective Facebook ads isn’t just time consuming, it requires a certain amount of expertise in the area. Let a VA take over the task so you can focus on other things.

8. Create an entire social media plan

If you want to dedicate more time to social media, but can’t seem to find the right moment, a VA can help you write your entire social media plan. Once the plan is created they can even step in to execute.

Business management, website, and other tasks for virtual assistants

Not surprisingly, VAs are also helpful for overall business management tasks, including website-related tasks.

9. Create monthly reports

Gauge how well your website is performing in the search engines, on social media, and more with monthly reports created by a virtual assistant. Reports are all-too-easy to push aside in favor of paying client work, but they’re an important barometer of your success.

10. Format and upload blog posts

Let a VA take over formatting and uploading your weekly blogs. If you hate finding photos to go along with blog posts, a VA can also take that off your plate.

11. Proofread content

An extra set of eyes never hurts, especially on long-form client documents like white papers and case studies.

12. Manage your calendar

Virtual assistants can manage your calendar, ensuring that you never miss a meeting or an important deadline

13. Website updates

Freelancers often neglect their own websites, especially if they’re busy working on client websites. Let a VA focus on keeping your website’s content fresh and up-to-date.

14. Anything you hate doing or can’t do

The easiest way to determine all of the ways a virtual assistant can help you stay organized is simple: think about what you hate doing in your business. Then, think about all of the tasks that you simply can’t do.

These two lists will be a helpful blueprint as you explore ways a virtual assistant can help you in your freelance business. Then, you can get to work finding a qualified virtual assistant.