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How to Use Case Studies in Your Small Business Marketing

How do you know if a product or service is right for you?

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10 Engaging Blog Topic Ideas for Your Small Business’s Website

When done correctly, blogging can be an excellent way to gain visitors to your small business’s website. But, to be effective, a small business blog needs to be regularly updated with engaging and relevant content.

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How to Find the Right Virtual Office: 6 Factors to Consider

You’ve decided that a virtual office space is the right fit for your small business. But, with so many options, it’s not always easy to find the right fit. Selecting the perfect space is even trickier when you live and work in a large metropolitan area overflowing with choices.

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20 Interview Questions to Test a Candidate’s Soft Skills

What’s the difference between a job candidate who looks good on paper, and one who will become a valued member of your team? Soft skills.

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How to Start a Second Career

People choose second careers for a wide variety of reasons. Some are forced to find a new job in a different industry. Others have grown bored in their current vocation and crave a new and exciting challenge. Then, there are people who have always wanted to try their hand operating their own small business.

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How a Virtual Assistant or Receptionist Can Replace Your Office Secretary

While you need talented employees to scale your business, hiring and retaining dedicated staff members isn’t easy. It’s also time-consuming and costly. To complicate things further, as a small business or startup, your company likely needs to take advantage of any cost savings measure available.

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Making the Switch From a Traditional Office to a Virtual Office

Congratulations, you’ve decided to ditch the traditional office lease and start running your small business from a virtual office space!

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5 Easy Money Saving Tips For Small Businesses

The old saying, “It takes money to make money” might have some truth to it, but that doesn’t mean your business needs to burn through cash to become successful. There are plenty of ways small businesses can save money, and here are 5 of the top tips Intelligent Office (IO) members have used over the years to reduce expenses.

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10 Tips to Pick the Perfect Domain Name for Your Small Business

Choosing a domain name for your company’s website is a lot like choosing the company name itself. Many companies even brainstorm their company name and domain at the same time to ensure the name they want is an available domain.

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How to Set a Price For Your Products

Pricing is one of the most difficult things you’ll do as a small business owner, and it’s equal parts art and science. If you set your price too high, you won’t make enough sales to make a profit. If the price is too low, you risk operating at a financial loss.

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The Best Small Business Blogs in 2019

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and small business owners to feel alone as they work to grow their companies. Working alone, whether it’s from home or the local coffee shop, can add another layer of isolation. You don’t always have someone to turn to when you have a quick question or want some extra help brainstorming solutions.

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Why Small Business Owners Should Go Back to School, Too

As back to school season begins for students around the country, you might be wondering if more schooling can help you take your business to the next level. You aren’t alone, either. It’s not uncommon for small business owners and entrepreneurs to wonder if furthering their education might provide tangible business benefits.

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Are Virtual Offices a Good Fit For Students?

At Intelligent Office (IO), we spend a lot of time helping businesses of all sizes get more of their best work done. Virtual office spaces are a great fit for small businesses, large businesses with several locations, dispersed teams that work remotely, and more.

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The Small Business Owner’s Guide to (Finally) Taking a Vacation

If you’re like most small business owners, you rarely (if ever) take an extended break from running your company. In fact, surveys have even found that nearly 50% of small business owners take only major holidays off, if they take any time off at all.

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Pros and Cons of Small Businesses Taking After-Hours Calls

Your business may have regular office hours… but does that have to mean the phone goes unanswered once the office closes for the day?

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Why Solo Attorneys and Small Law Firms Need Virtual Reception Services

One of the top challenges solo attorneys and boutique law firms face is managing limited resources. A small team is often responsible for a dizzying array of priorities on both the legal and administrative sides of the business.

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How to Fire an Employee (The Right Way)

Firing an employee or independent contractor is a nightmare scenario for many business owners. But, sometimes you need to let people go in order to grow the company.

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