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9 Creative Virtual Office Uses

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By Billy McCall   |    July 11, 2018   |    5:16 PM

Many people are unaware of the versatility of a virtual business service. Yes, we do provide office space for businesses in need, but there’s much more to the service than just the space itself. Here are nine creative virtual office space uses that you might not have considered.

1. Advertising: Small business owners have to look for new ways to break through, and advertising provides that opportunity. Our virtual assistants are capable of posting online ads on behalf of businesses in order to boost visibility and sales.

2. Event Networking: If you’re hitting the road for an industry conference or event, virtual office spaces can serve as a convenient meeting place for colleagues and prospects. Whether it’s to talk business or simply introduce yourself, you know you’ll have a professional and welcoming location.

3. Address Verification: Many small businesses that use a home address run into complications with their online business listings. With a virtual address, you can secure your listing for maximum online visibility while also legitimizing your small business in the eyes of consumers and credit lenders.

4. Interviews: Reviews are becoming very important as potential customers use feedback to judge the credibility and quality of a business. Our virtual assistant services are capable of contacting previous customers and conducting interviews. These interviews can be used for customer testimonials on social media, business websites, and advertising.

5. Temporary Services: Virtual office services are designed to provide all of the services you need, when you need them. That means you aren’t forced into a long-term commitment. If your receptionist is sick or on vacation, our virtual receptionists can take over until they return to work. We work with your budget and business needs to get the job done professionally, at an on-demand basis.

6. Follow Up: If you prefer to send emails as opposed to phone interviews, our virtual assistants can professionally craft and send follow-up emails to customers. Not only can these responses be used for testimonials, but they also can reveal business blind spots and areas for improvement.

7. Formal Presentations: Virtual office space comes with more than just a desk. Intelligent Office locations feature all of the latest office technology needed to make formal presentations. If you have a big opportunity, but your current office isn’t up to par, using a virtual office space can help you make the right impression.

8. Reminders: Time and money are wasted when customers forget or skip appointments. Our virtual assistant services can help businesses avoid those problems by confirming appointments with reminder calls or emails. These calls also give customers the opportunity to reschedule their appointments if plans have changed.

9. Expand Business Area: The Intelligent Office network stretches across the entire United States, providing members access to any office location. This is a valuable feature for businesses that are not tethered to one specific business area. For businesses with clients in several locations, or businesses looking to expand their service area, our network of offices provide a reliable meeting point.

    Our services at Intelligent Office are tailored to your business needs and budget. While these creative virtual office space uses may have been off your radar, you can now start brainstorming what could work for you and your business. Have an idea? Or a question? Contact an Intelligent Office near you, and get started today!

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    Download the Intelligent Office App

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    Download the Intelligent Office App

    Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

    Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
    Download The Intelligent Office APP