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5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Virtual Offices

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By Townes Haas   |    March 8, 2019   |    8:10 AM

The idea of a virtual office can be confusing. What does “virtual” mean? Is there an actual office? What are the benefits of a virtual office? These are all reasonable questions that we regularly hear from business owners. We wanted to clarify these misunderstandings and shine a light on a few things you might not know about virtual offices. Here are seven things you didn’t know about virtual offices.

1. Virtual offices are real. A virtual office is a physical, brick-and-mortar location that features all of the modern amenities of a typical office, including professional on-site staff. Intelligent Office has 60 office locations across the US and Canada. This network of physical locations provides business owners with day-to-day infrastructure and allows them to expand the geographic reach of their business.


    2. Virtual offices hourly rooms can be rented for as few as 60 minutes. One of the primary benefits of using a virtual office is the low level of commitment. Whether you need a long-term home for your business or a short-term site for an emergency meeting, virtual offices are an efficient solution. Meeting rooms and executive office suites are available for rent for as few as 60 minutes. Virtual offices are designed to be flexible tools for businesses.

    3. Virtual offices offer reception courtesies. All Intelligent Office locations have on-site staff that greet and accommodate guests, and virtual assistants (also real) are capable of much more to assist your meetings. Virtual assistant services include printing, copying, scanning, and mail-forwarding. You won’t need to make any more trips to the postal store, and you can often save yourself a trip to the office. Our virtual assistants are trained members of your team who can handle any administrative task and more.

      4. Virtual offices allow business owners to go on vacation. Business owners often feel like they can’t step away from their business. Virtual assistants provide the big-business infrastructure that allows business owners to take a break. Phone calls, emails, social media, website chat, and any other customer interactions will be professionally handled at your direction. Take a break knowing that back home, it’s business as usual.

      5. Virtual offices are full-scale, professional facilities. One common misconception is that virtual offices are pop-up shops that offer limited services. At Intelligent Office, it’s quite the opposite. Our virtual offices are located in the best buildings and best neighborhoods in your market. Office locations include professional lobbies, meeting rooms, executive offices, break rooms, conference equipment, high-speed internet, and more. Our locations are equipped to meet the unique needs of every business for a fraction of the cost of other long-term solutions.

        Not all virtual office solutions are created equal, and many business owners are surprised to hear of all the different ways a virtual office can be used. Find out how a virtual office can help your business today!

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        Download the Intelligent Office App

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        Download the Intelligent Office App

        Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

        Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
        Download The Intelligent Office APP