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Recent News

May 2 2023
AI at Your Small Business

With the creation of new, free AI tools, artificial intelligence (AI) has become more and more available and is now a great tool for small firms trying to improve productivity. Small firms may use AI-powered solutions to make cost-effective data-driven choices, automate tedious operations, and enhance customer interaction.

The ability of AI systems to evaluate data precisely and swiftly is one of its most important advantages. Small businesses can watch and monitor consumer behavior, sales trends, and social media participation by adopting AI-powered analytics solutions. The development of tailored marketing strategies and an increase in client involvement can be done using this data.

AI can automate time-consuming operations like data entry, scheduling, and invoicing, freeing up staff members' time to work on more difficult assignments. Another example of AI automation is chatbots, which can respond to consumer questions and offer support round-the-clock, increasing customer happiness and lightening the strain on customer service agents.

AI can also help with predictive analytics, which foretells future patterns and offers insightful data that may be used to make decisions. This can assist small organizations in being innovative and making growth-oriented decisions.

Finally, AI may enhance the consumer experience by making tailored recommendations and running focused marketing initiatives. AI can provide customized product recommendations and promotions by analyzing client data to detect patterns and preferences.

As a result of the development of free AI tools, small businesses now find it simpler to harness the power of AI, streamlining processes and enhancing consumer engagement. Small businesses can gain a competitive edge by employing AI-powered solutions to make data-driven choices, automate tedious operations, and enhance the customer experience.

Apr 4 2023
Where to Meet When You've Given Up Your Office

Businesses are abandoning their traditional office sites as remote work becomes more common. The cost of rent and expenses may be lower as a result, but finding a meeting space may become more challenging. Here are some ideas for finding meeting space now that your business's headquarters is closed, whether you need to counsel clients or collaborate with coworkers:

1. Stop by the Intelligent Office in your community!

2. Locate other coworking spaces: Coworking spaces have been more and more well-liked in recent years. They offer a variety of conference spaces that can be reserved by the hour, day, or week.

3. Make use of online booking platforms, such as LiquidSpace and Breather, to make reservations swiftly and easily for meeting spaces in your area.

4. Consider public spaces: In many areas, public spaces like libraries and community centers, such as meeting rooms can frequently be rented for an affordable price or even free.

5. Make use of your network: Find out if anyone in your network—colleagues, clients, and connections—has access to any meeting spaces you could use.

6. Consider holding virtual meetings: If hosting a meeting in person is not necessary, think about holding meetings remotely utilizing video conferencing tools like Zoom or Skype.

Using your imagination and these options, you can choose a meeting space that meets your requirements without having to maintain a regular office site.

Mar 23 2023
How Can an Answering Service Help Your Small Business?

The health of your bottom line and continued client satisfaction should be your primary priorities as a business owner. Using an answering service is one method to make progress toward both of these objectives. A professional answering service can handle client inquiries and deliver timely, effective customer service while freeing up your time and resources so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

When using an answering service, there may be a considerable return on investment (ROI). The following are a few ways that an answering service might help your company:

The first benefit of an answering service is that it can reduce missed calls and boost client satisfaction. Your consumers will always be able to get in touch with someone when they need help thanks to an answering service. As a result, client retention rates may increase, and missed calls and voicemails may be decreased.

Second, by eliminating the need for internal workers to answer calls, an answering service can help you save money. It can take time and money to hire and train someone to answer the phone. On the other hand, an answering service can offer affordable and scalable solutions, allowing you to pay just for the services you require.

In conclusion, your company will benefit much from having an answering service. An answering service can be a wise investment that will pay off in the long run by raising customer happiness, reducing costs, and generating revenue.

For an estimate of how much our answering services might increase your profit, use this calculator:

Mar 13 2023
Intelligent Office Reviews

Leading provider of virtual office solutions, Intelligent Office has received numerous favorable testimonials from pleased clients thanks to their dedication to quality.

On Trustpilot, a reviewer states: "For my business, Intelligent Office has been a fantastic resource. They manage my calls, my mail, and when I need it, they give me access to a professional office space. The personnel are always welcoming and helpful, and I value the flexibility they provide."

On Yelp, a different client writes: "Intelligent Office is fantastic! They have assisted me in time and money savings by streamlining the operations of my firm. Their meeting rooms are excellent for entertaining clients and coworkers, and they provide excellent virtual receptionist services."

According to a third critic on Google Reviews, "For my company, Intelligent Office has been a game-changer. The team is informed and friendly, and by giving me a professional image and a variety of necessary services, they have assisted me in expanding my business."

The excellence and dependability of Intelligent Office's virtual office solutions are attested to by these favorable reviews. Intelligent Office has the knowledge and resources to support your success, whether you require a respectable company address, a virtual receptionist, or access to conference rooms and office space. It's no surprise that they are a valued partner for companies of all sizes and sectors given their creative ideas and first-rate customer support.

Mar 1 2023
Why Spend the Money on a Virtual Address?

There are several benefits to utilizing a virtual address for your business instead of your home address. A virtual address firstly gives your company a more credible appearance. If you have a dedicated business address, your clients and business partners will be more inclined to take you seriously.

Second, a virtual address provides more security and anonymity. Your personal information can be safeguarded by keeping your home address a secret, and you can stop unwanted mail or visitors. A virtual address can also shield you from fraud or identity theft because it lets you keep your personal and professional lives apart.

Finally, a virtual address offers ease and flexibility. You may quickly update your address if you relocate or grow your business, and you can receive mail and packages from anywhere in the world. In general, any business owner wishing to increase their professionalism, security, and flexibility would be wise to make an investment in a virtual address.

Feb 22 2023
Why Locate Your Business in Burlingame, CA?

For a number of reasons, Burlingame, California, is a great place for small enterprises. First off, it is strategically located close to San Francisco, making a sizable market and transportation options accessible. Burlingame moreover has a robust local economy and a high median household income, all of which point to a city with significant purchasing power. Also, the city provides a friendly atmosphere for business, with help from groups like the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce in the form of resources and networking opportunities. Finally, Burlingame is a desirable location for both locals and visitors due to its picturesque downtown area and accessibility to natural features like the ocean and nearby parks. Overall, Burlingame's thriving and friendly community is a great place for small companies to flourish.

Nov 5 2021
Preparing For The Future Of Work

Actively pursuing human connections within work and has to be priority- Human connection is something that we need to sustain professional working relationships. It can be as simple as getting together once per month with your team, but make sure you are doing something to show your employees that you care.
Jun 24 2019
Intelligent Office Burlingame Press Release

Coming Soon! Intelligent Office Burlingame.

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Jun 14 2019
Announcing Intelligent Office Burlingame

1350 Old Bayshore Hwy., Burlingame, CA 94010

Hello! We're excited to announce that we're opening a new Intelligent Office in Burlingame, CA. The anticipated opening date is late July, 2019.

Highlights of the space:

  • 7500 sf.
  • Services include dedicated and hourly offices and workstations, hourly conference rooms, virtual addresses, telephone answering, and virtual assistants.
  • The Burlingame office is tightly integrated with our San Francisco location, which means single billing, and 24/7 access to both location's meeting rooms if you have a Meetings Membership.
  • All exterior offices have Bay views, with many having a direct view of the SFO airport runways.
  • The Bay front walking trail is steps away.
  • There is morning and afternoon shuttle service from/to the Milbrae BART/Caltrain stop. The office is walking distance from the Broadway Caltrain stop (service only on weekends - expected daily service once Caltrain is electrified).

Please follow one or both of the following pages for continued updates:

We'd also greatly appreciate it if you can help spread the word! Please contact me at with any questions.


Al Weedman

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