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6 Tips for Networking in a Coworking Space

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By Billy McCall   |    August 16, 2018   |    6:18 PM

For even the most connected, the thought of “networking” can induce cringing. Many associate networking with forced socializing at a coordinated event. But the rising popularity of coworking spaces is redefining how professionals connect in the real world.

Coworking spaces are bringing together professionals from all walks of life. For those best equipped, this cross-pollination of people and ideas is becoming a major benefit of a coworking space and even providing opportunities to advance their careers. If you’re new to the coworking environment, no need to worry – we’ve gathered a few tips for creating the most valuable experience.

  1. 1. Introduce yourself.

This might sound like obvious advice, but introducing yourself is the first step in becoming part of your coworking community. Greet members of your coworking network with a smile, and be sure to remember names. Another great way to introduce yourself to the entire office is through email. This can be more comfortable for some, and it offers the chance to reveal more information about yourself than a casual personal greeting.

  1. 2. Move around the office.

You might have your favorite spot in the office, but don’t let it be your only spot. Moving around the office can inspire new thoughts and create new connections within your coworking community. We understand that some people prefer to work alone, but it’s important to change your environment throughout the day.  

  1. 3. Be curious.

One of the most valuable benefits of a coworking community is the diversity of people, expertise, and ideas present in the office. Tap into that energy by engaging those in the office in genuine conversation. Whether you’re getting to know others on a personal level or trading insights and services, building relationships within your coworking network is a win-win.

  1. 4. Listen.

Before you get too carried away driving the conversation, remember to listen. Listening to your office mates allows you to respond thoughtfully, advance the conversation, and build trust.

  1. 5. Don’t be pushy.

Some professionals use coworking spaces as a strategic tool to make connections, receive feedback, and even find sales leads. This is a perfectly acceptable practice, but be sure that you aren’t being too aggressive in your interactions. Your office mates are there to work, and pushing your services on their time can be an intrusive violation of trust. This type of behavior can alienate others and eliminate any chances of making an effective pitch. Your first day at the office isn’t the time for the hard sell.

  1. 6. Participate in office social events.

Many coworking spaces organize formal and informal events outside of the office. Meeting your coworking community outside of the office can be a more comfortable environment where you’re more likely to make lasting connections. But you have to show up first. If your coworking space doesn’t offer outside events, you can always organize your own!

The coworking spaces at Intelligent Office are fully equipped with modern office amenities – providing a professional environment where you can get work done while creating real relationships with those around you. Find an Intelligent Office location near you!

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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