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6 Signs You’ve Found the Perfect Virtual Office Space

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By Barbara Beauregard   |    May 13, 2019   |    1:18 PM

Whether you rent an executive office suite or opt for a membership in a coworking space, it’s important to find the right type of virtual office for your small business. You need a space that makes it easy to do more of your best work, and no two offices are alike. Fortunately, business owners who need flexible office space are spoiled with choice when it comes to choosing a new home for their company. If you’re vetting virtual office solutions, here are 6 signs you’ve found the best spot to grow your business. 

1. You feel good when you walk into the reception area.

How did you feel when you first walked into your potential new office rental? Were you greeted with a smile or were you ignored? In this case, it is just fine to judge a book by its cover. You want to feel motivated when you walk into an office each day, so pay attention to the entrance and reception area. More importantly, you want your office to be inviting to clients. How awkwardly unprofessional would it be to walk into a poorly kept reception area with an inattentive person at the front desk? When touring virtual office providers, you may want ask yourself these questions:

Is the space bright, open, and inviting? Do you think clients would enjoy visiting the office? Are you greeted warmly by reception staff?

2. You love the actual office space.

Simple enough, right? Yet it is easy to get wrapped up in the tug-and-pull of sacrificing features and sacrificing your budget. Still, you’ll need to love the place where you will be working each day — or however, few or frequently you plan to physically be in your office. Do you like the furniture and decor? Is there enough natural light? Imagine what it will be like to work in that space and don’t stop searching until you find the best virtual office for your business.

3. You meet people who could help expand your professional network.

Virtual office and shared office spaces are filled with fellow professionals who can help you grow your network and business. If one of your business goals is to make connections, be sure to ask about the types of businesses that utilize the space, as well as if there are any community networking activities available.

4. The virtual office isn’t too loud or too quiet.

Some entrepreneurs love working in a lively open office where people chat freely. Others prefer to work in spaces that are mostly quiet. It all comes down to preference, but you’ll know you’ve found the perfect virtual office when the noise level is just right.

If you’re looking for a distraction-free zone, schedule a tour at an Intelligent Office location near you. Our members socialize and collaborate, but we also value peace and quiet.

5. You can’t wait to take advantage of the amenities.

What kinds of perks are important to your business?

It could be a fully-stocked kitchen that never runs out of your favorite coffee or tea. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to work from a spot with a comfortable break room that has a ping pong table. Perhaps flexible access to meeting rooms is what you need most.

No matter what you require, don’t agree to a virtual office membership until you’ve found a place with amenities that work for you.

6. The membership price doesn’t make you cringe.

Are you eager for the beer on tap or do you want to stay focused on the business with operational support, like an Intelligent Assistant? Keep a close eye on what goes into your membership price and choose your office rental accordingly. Virtual offices tend to be an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional commercial office rental. And while most providers offer a variety of space types, ranging from executive-level private offices to shared spaces (and everything in between), the key is to know which works best for you and your team.

That means businesses of all sizes can find the perfect virtual office space solution for their operation, without breaking the bank.

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