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5 Alternatives to a Traditional Office

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By Billy McCall   |    January 21, 2019   |    8:36 PM

Executive Office Suites & More: Cost-Saving Alternatives to Traditional Office Space

If you think your business needs a traditional office lease, think again! Renting or buying commercial office space isn’t your only option. In fact, there are a wide variety of non-traditional office space options available that can save your company substantial money. Some even offer additional services to more efficiently level-up your business growth.

From rentable executive office suites to the local library and beyond, here are 5 alternative office options that will help you run your business and get more of your best work done.

1. Small business incubators

Incubators can be an attractive option for startups, especially if you’d like some mentorship in addition to office space. Because small business incubators are typically set up with a specific industry or type of business in mind, you’ll also be surrounded by fellow business owners with similar goals and interests.

To find a space in your city, check with local business development groups. Availability will vary, but you may be surprised to find the perfect fit.

2. Executive office suites

Treat yourself to the professional atmosphere you’d expect from a commercial office, without the extra cost and hassle. Executive office suites can be rented from a virtual office provider and they come fully furnished — all you need to bring is your computer. If you need additional administrative support or mail services, that assistance is available for a fraction of what it would cost to hire employees.

If you’ve been working from coffee shops or a home office, you’ll also appreciate the little things… like having a door to shut when it’s time to get to work. To find an executive office suite at an Intelligent Office near you, visit this page.

3. Your local library

For a change of scenery, the local library can be a surprisingly good office spot. Many public libraries even have meeting rooms you can book if you need to make a call or hold a meeting. Some of the amenities available might surprise you, too. From coffee shops to 3D printers, libraries throughout the country are providing more services to patrons.

4. Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are a great option for small business owners who want to keep costs as low as possible, or for anyone who thrives while working in a shared environment. It’ll be easy to network with other professionals and you’ll have access to the same office equipment and administrative services as someone who rents a private office.

However, remember that there are significant differences between coworking spaces and private offices like an executive office suite.

5. The great outdoors

Sometimes, you just need to get outside for some fresh air. If you have a mobile hotspot on your smartphone or own another type of hotspot device, working outside is easier than you might expect. You may even find a local park with free public WiFi, an option that’s increasing in availability around the country.

Since working in direct sunlight isn’t the easiest, aim to head outside on a cloudy day, or seek out some picnic tables with shade. And while we wouldn’t recommend using nature as your only office, it’s a perfect complement to another office alternative.

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