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The Benefits of Creating a Blog for Your Business

By Garrett Spence   |    May 2, 2014   |    3:47 PM

Why Blogs Are Good for Business

Blogging can be a large commitment, especially for small businesses or freelancers who don’t have a lot of time. Plus, many people don’t see the need for a company blog. There are, however, some major business benefits to blogging.

Why Every Company Needs a Blog

  • Drive traffic to the company website: Most people have heard that “content is king”. Well, it’s true. In this day of ever-evolving Google algorithm changes, one thing has remained the same. Good content will get your company website ranked higher in search engine page results (SERPs). Higher ranking in SERPs leads to more traffic and more potential customers. This traffic can be measured with tools like Google Analytics, which can be used to see who’s coming to the company site, how they’re getting there and what they’re interested in. This information can be used to adjust content to better reach target audiences.

  • Build trust and brand authority: If a company blog provides good, useful information, users will come to trust the writers and the brand. Customers tend to buy from brands that they trust.

  • Add a face to the company: Target audiences may only know brands and businesses through advertising. A blog is the voice of your company and can reflect its personality and beliefs. Show both the good and the bad of the company, and provide your audience with good information without the sales pitch. If potential customers come to know the brand and its mission better, they’ll think more highly of the blog and may use it as a news source.

  • Attract new potential customers: A blog provides opportunities to reach and interact with new audiences. Websites that have dynamic content tend to rank higher in the SERPs, which puts businesses in-front of people who may have never heard of it before.

Blogs, however, must follow content creation best practices to be effective. Be sure to look for the next article in this blogging best practices series: How to Get the Most Out of Your Blog.