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How Phone Answering Supports Owner of Digital Recollections

By Matthew Whitaker   |    October 6, 2022   |    5:59 PM

A Story of Small Business Success

Intelligent Office of Alexandria is pleased to introduce Rick Reinsch. the owner of Digital Recollections and our client who utilizes our phone answering services. Digital Recollection is a multimedia design studio that specializes in converting old media into new. For over 13 years, Rick has provided expert services in everything from graphic design, video editing and production, and scanning, to film and audio conversion. Digital Recollections can also provide duplication services, when necessary, tape conversions to digital, and create photo books and photo montages for birthdays, anniversaries, and other family events.

When Rick’s grandparents’ house burned down and all of their pictures were lost, he knew that going digital would be the best way to preserve his family’s memories. A graphic designer by trade, Rick Reinsch got his start nearly 20 years ago in the digital design space when he began converting his own home movies to digital and giving them to family. His family and many others loved what he was doing; and six years later, he started his own company.

Since then, Rick has helped many people preserve their own legacies by converting their films and video to digital. In his line of work, Rick sees all kinds of things, including unusual or rare pictures from various points throughout history.  For example, one of the most surreal films he converted for a client was family footage of a wealthy family in Idaho who went on vacation to Germany in the 1930s. As the camera pans around, the swastika is seen flying in the background. “This sort of things is usually seen in movies and historical videos, not during family vacations before WWII started. It was very surreal,” says Rick.

An avid history buff, Rick enjoys what he does because he sees all kinds of things and gets to know his clients and their stories. Sometimes, he has to figure out what happened, where the photo or film was taken, and the backstory. He has seen photos from JFK’s funeral procession, a family film shot in the 1920’s from the deck of the sister ship of the Titanic, slides from the Aswan High Dam in Egypt that featured rare treasures being moved, and pictures of the sculpting of Mt. Rushmore that were given to a museum in North Dakota. For Rick, the stories are fascinating and endless in his line of work.

As his business grew, Rick found that he needed someone to answer his calls so that he could focus more on his work. That’s where Intelligent Office of Alexandria comes in. Digital Recollection uses our live phone answering service. Now, Rick doesn’t have to worry about his calls going to voicemail, and his clients are happy because they always have someone to talk to when they call. “My clients like for someone to answer. There is no recording and they get to talk to someone. They also love our hold music. It’s great that my clients get help when they need it,” says Rick. “Having help like Intelligent Office is very important because when you have someone else answer, it’s not yourself. It’s more professional.”

To learn more about how Intelligent Office of Alexandria can help your business, contact us today at 703-224-8800 or click here. Interested in working with Digital Recollections? Call 703-828-7413 or send them an email.

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

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