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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business Drive More Profits

By Garrett Spence   |    June 28, 2017   |    8:46 AM


How a Virtual Assistant Can Improve Your Profit Potential 

We've all heard the adage about working smarter instead of harder. But how do you adopt this mindset when you're drowning in a sea of operational tasks? With the help of a virtual assistant, you can increase your company’s profit potential by refocusing your time on the things that matter most. 

What Drives Growth? 

Time management is essential to generating maximum profits. Unfortunately, many business owners get bogged down on tedious lower-level duties. Since time is a huge investment, it makes sense to get optimal ROI. To do this, you must recognize that certain responsibilities make a bigger long-term impact than others. 

Business experts often highlight this notion by pointing to the Pareto principle, which states that 80 percent of effects typically stem from 20 percent of the causes. Developed by Vilfredo Pareto, this notion dawned on the Italian economist when he noticed that 20 percent of all the peapods in his garden held 80 percent of all the peas. After extrapolating his concept, Pareto found it to be consistent across most events, including profit generation in business. 

In the business world, the Pareto principle is often called the law of the vital few or the 80/20 rule. Whatever its name, the concept clearly demonstrates exactly why entrepreneurs should dedicate their talents to the tasks and projects that ultimately drive business growth. 

Getting There 

To unchain themselves from daily operational duties, small business owners need outside help. This isn't always easy for budget-conscious entrepreneurs who can't afford to hire and maintain full-time staffs. In turn, more and more business owners are turning to highly trained virtual assistants who can provide scalable services that are tailored to an organization's unique needs. Trained to work on a company's behalf, a skilled virtual assistant creates a more seamless and productive organizational structure. This allows entrepreneurs to focus the bulk of their time on things that actually drive profits and growth. 

Whether they are performing administrative duties, client outreach, market research or some type of unique organizational task, virtual assistants give entrepreneurs the freedom to work as they please. They also maintain constant availability and specialized training that allow them to re-prioritize responsibilities in dynamic circumstances. This versatility makes a company more agile, allowing it to compete with larger competitors who spend significant overhead maintaining large staffs of in-house employees. 

Maximizing Profit Potential 

To effectively plan for the future and seize fleeting opportunities, entrepreneurs can't afford to get bogged down in daily operational tasks. By allowing small business owners to use their rare talents on upper-level duties, virtual assistants indirectly drive profits higher. They also eliminate needless waste, while promoting a more seamless, and efficient operational structure. 

Intelligent Office offers innovative business solutions that help small businesses perform like large enterprises. Get more out of your limited time with the help of our highly trained virtual assistants. Contact our office to learn how we can help your business succeed.


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Download the Intelligent Office App

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Download the Intelligent Office App

Available at the App Store and Google Play Store

Download The Intelligent Office APP for Iphone Download The Intelligent Office APP for Android
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